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Use research-grade software and hardware in the teaching lab

The same software that is essential to your own research can form the foundation for your advanced undergraduate and postgraduate labs. Our LabChart experiments allow your students to work through complex methods step by step, building knowledge of important physiological concepts and vital skills for a career in science. With LabChart, PowerLab and our collection of specialized teaching kits, students can record a broad range of biological signals - they can even complete analysis at home with the LabChart Student License.


“We have been particularly impressed with the flexibility of these data acquisition systems. Their intuitive interface enables us to customize students’ level of involvement in setting recording and analysis parameters, allowing our introductory students to focus on successful data collection while enabling our more advanced students to learn how to adjust recording parameters to meet the requirements of variable biological preparations.”

Dr Duncan MacKenzie

Texas A&M University

The top 100 universities all use LabChart and PowerLab

In 2019, Quacquarelli Symonds released a list of the Top 100 universities for life science, based on academic citations, peer review, recruiter review, faculty-student ratio and international orientation.

PowerLab hardware and LabChart software are used at every one of these institutions, including Harvard, Oxford, and the University of Tokyo.


Designed for life science

Designed for life science

LabChart is ideal for teaching the physiological principles that underlie many scientific and medical fields. Students get hands-on with real biological signals that demonstrate these core concepts in a dynamic and engaging way.

Simple to use

Simple to use

With guided set-up, preconfigured settings and a range of specialized educational content, you can be up and running in no time. Our experimental protocols lead students through the equipment use, data recording and analysis in logical steps.

Real discovery

Real discovery

LabChart helps you to challenge and engage your students with research-grade software at just the right level of complexity. Students work with real data and gain valuable experience with analysis software used in laboratories around the world.

Encouraging exploration

Encouraging exploration

Labchart tracks every action taken and never modifies the raw data, which means students can always return to the original numbers and review their analysis. They can explore with confidence, adding channels and calculations as they go, and truly understanding their results.

Grows with your curriculum

Grows with your curriculum

It’s easy to add new signals and measurements to your lessons with our kits if your curriculum expands. And you can customize the degree of difficulty for students at all levels.

On the road to research

On the road to research

LabChart can help you prepare your students for postgraduate study and beyond. Within this structured setting, but with room for real experimentation, students will develop important skills for the future - including critical thinking, data interpretation, teamwork, and confidence in the lab environment.

Access a Range of Teaching Resources

To save you valuable time in creating course materials, we have developed a number of teaching resources for human physiology, animal physiology, general biology and psychophysiology. Each experiment comes with a large range of teaching materials including instructor notes, student protocols, and settings files.

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Educator Professional Development

ADInstruments provides regular training workshops and webinars to help educators grow their technical abilities and introduce new ideas to their classrooms.

For example, the Classroom of Excellence at Cornell University is dedicated to training faculty members and instructors from around the world on a range of popular and cutting-edge neuroscience techniques.

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Educator Testimonial

"CrawFly Invertebrate Neurophysiology Course is a mini version of a CSHL/MBL intensive hands-on approach but for educators. It’s truly an amazing resource with excellent instructors."

Ulises Ricoy

LabChart Pro Student License

LabChart Pro Student License is LabChart Pro, just without sampling. It’s a cost-effective, limited time license available for 6 months (or one semester).

Students can perform LabChart experiments and record data in the lab then take their LabChart data files (.adicht) home to complete their analysis and lab report. For educators, it frees up lab space and staff time.

A LabChart Pro Student license allows you to install and use LabChart Pro software on a single computer for educational purposes only.

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LabChart Pro Student License

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