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The ideal data acquisition (DAQ) solution for life science classroom experiments. PowerLab supports engaging, hands-on learning with simple set-up and good quality data. It is designed to handle repeated and heavy use by students and maintain data accuracy and reliability.

The T Series PowerLab is an economically-priced high-quality DAQ unit with built-in, fully isolated, two-channel bio amplifier, isolated stimulator, separate non-isolated analog inputs, and a differential-mode analog output.

26 Series

PowerLab 26T

PowerLab 26T


Integrated data recording featuring a dual Bio Amp, an isolated stimulator, trigger input, 4 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs.


PowerLab 15T

PowerLab 15T


Entry level integrated data recording featuring a dual Bio Amp, an isolated stimulator and 2 analog inputs.

“PowerLab simply WORKS. It never crashes or has to be rebooted, and is 100% reliable.”

Dr. Giovanni Casotti  
Professor of Biology, West Chester University.


Software Connectivity


An image of a laptop showing Lt and various floating screenshots of the content in Lt. A PowerLab device sits to the left of the laptop screen, and two Lt Sensors sit in front of and to the right of the laptop screen.

Lt is an online learning platform with ready-to-use content for life sciences, nursing and medicine. Over 900 interactive and fully-customizable lessons are available for use. Reinforce theory through experimentation by pairing Lt with Lt Sensors or PowerLab and a range of our teaching hardware kits, so that students can record and analyze physiological signals in real time.

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Lt LabStation is a lab-based learning platform where you can create interactive lessons for students to work through in an offline environment (sold separately). Over 150 fully-editable lab lessons are also available for use. Students can record and analyze physiological signals using PowerLab + kits and Lt LabStation to reinforce theory through experimentation.

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Education PowerLabs can also be used with LabChart analysis software for teaching purposes (sold separately). Using research grade software can help form the foundation for your advanced undergraduate and postgraduate labs. Our LabChart experiments allow students to work through complex methods step by step, building knowledge of important physiological concepts.

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