Removing the distance barrier so you can leave the lab behind

From outdoor exercise research to sleep studies, Equivital’s wireless physiological monitoring system, combined with LabChart analysis software, gives you the perfect balance of ease and data integrity.

The Equivital wireless physiological monitoring system is built for realistic human research with a wide range of physiological data recorded via a compact and unobtrusive sensor belt, leaving your subject free to move naturally. A long battery life and comfortable design make it ideal for long sampling periods. With both live data streaming and access to offline data logging in LabChart for single or multiple subjects it is the perfect solution for exercise research through to sleep studies.

The Sensor Belt and Module can record 2 channels of ECG, breathing rate, high-resolution tri-axial acceleration, and skin temperature. Wired and wireless ancillaries allow recording of additional parameters, such as skin temperature (recorded by SEM), galvanic skin response, and oxygen saturation. The easy setup means you can get started quickly and confidently and data integrity is guaranteed.

System highlights

  • Easy setup and simple use
  • High data quality with low data loss rates
  • Noise and movement artifact-free ECG
  • Options for live data streaming and offline data logging
  • Up to 13 hours battery life (extendable with ancillary pack)
  • FDA 510(k) & CE cleared medical device


Equivital develops professional wearable tech products for accurate and precise real-time mobile human data - that is, data from real people in real environments. Along with their research product range, Equivital also offers solutions for healthcare and military / hazardous area emergency first response applications.


There are a number of wired and wireless ancillaries to the system that allow recording of additional parameters or add other features.


All your data in one platform with LabChart

LabChart analysis software creates a platform for many data recording devices to work together, allowing you to acquire signals from multiple sources simultaneously and apply advanced calculations as your experiment unfolds. Even better, LabChart tracks every action you take and never modifies your raw data, ensuring the integrity of your results so you can focus on the true insights of your research.

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System required

Sample rate

ECG (2 Channels)


256 Hz

Breathing Trace


25.6 Hz

Accelerometer (3 Axis)


25.6 Hz

Skin Temp (SEM)


1/15 s


Core + GSR Ancillary

2, 4, 8, 16 Hz


Core + Wireless SPO2 Ancillary

1/15 s