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Beginners Guide to using Lt

Follow these six simple steps and begin teaching your students online quickly and easily.

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Step 1

Import existing Lt content

There are many pre-made Lt lessons available already!

Step 2

Add your own content to Lt

Shifting your content into Lt is as simple as drag and drop!

Step 3

Customize your content in Lt

All content in Lt is fully customizable, so you can merge existing content with your own to make the lessons you need.

Step 4

Make use of existing data

If students aren’t able to access the lab, they can still access data.

Step 5

Invite students to Lt

It’s as easy as importing a class list.

Step 6

Publish and make content available

Whether to showcase to staff or to distribute to students, you choose what is seen.

Lt Support Videos

Lt Software

kuraCloud desktop application

kuraCloud desktop application

Student Admin Resource Pack

Download resource pack

  • Lesson checklist - pre-release to students
    This checklist will help you make sure your lessons are ready for students.

  • Lt student pre-invitation template
    A template for a quick introductory email to your students, explaining what Lt is and how to sign up. We strongly recommend sending this email out before you invite students to your course.

  • Lt student invitation template
    This template is formatted in a way that allows you to import students to Lt. See our Support Article here: Importing Students into Lt

  • Student experience - login and exploration
    An introductory video for students. You may want to share this video with your students at the same time you invite them.

Publishing checklist

See here for a more in-depth checklist before publishing and making content available to students. Some key points to note are:

  • The content is up-to-date and ready to be accessed by students
  • You’ve decided if the lesson will be published individually or in a module
  • The lesson has a poster (thumbnail) icon
  • Once published, the lesson is available to students at the correct date(s) and time(s).
    • I’ve selected ‘Student View’ and can see the content I expected is available to the students.

Before publishing content, consider if the content is best published as a stand-alone lesson or as one of a series of related lessons in a module. For example, a lesson introducing the course would likely be best published by as a stand-alone lesson. However, a pre-lab quiz lesson that precedes an associated lab would be best published within a module.

Note: It’s very important to only publish a lesson either individually or within a module. If a lesson is published both as an individual lesson and a lesson within a module, students can start and complete them separately.

Lt Service Status

Check the status of kuraCloud and subscribe to updates:

Service Status

Bi-monthly Lt Update Sessions

Find out how to make the most of the latest Lt features from the last couple of months. See upcoming sessions »

Lt Releases

September 2020

New Lt Feature Releases


  • Improved Lt platform accessibility by

    • Adding new access keys and the ability to tab between lesson navigation controls

    • Users can now tab across the Lt header

    • Tab navigate lessons and modules in the student list view

    • Access key added for the home button within the lesson environment

    • Buttons have been updated to show when they have focus 

    • Added alternative text for icons in the student list view

    • Added alternative text for icons in the lesson environment header

  • Added a new authoring settings file library for authors to easily select settings files for the Data and Scope Sampling Panels

  • Prepared our Lt Sampling Panels for the upcoming Lt Sensors release

  • Made multiple changes to reduce the load on our servers and increase the performance of Lt

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the wrong answer was displaying in the grading interface when switching between students quickly

  • Fixed a bug where a few of the Lt icons weren’t displaying correctly

  • Improved performance when switching between a student & staff member via the course sidebar

  • Updated our minimum browser versions, please check them out here.



New Lessons


Community Translated lessons – Español (es-LA)

  • Immersive Nursing modules, each containing 5 lessons:

    • Alfred Ashmore - Renal Failure

    • Barry West - Stroke

    • Ben Wolf - Diabetes Complications

    • Carol Campbell - Diabetes

    • Frank Foster - Muscle

    • James Lester - Blood Pressure

    • Jenny Lincoln - Pregnancy

    • Jenny Lincoln - Childbirth

    • Liam McFadden - Febrile child

    • Mary Montgomery - COPD

    • Mike Miller - MI

    • Rachel Pearson - Myasthenia Gravis

    • Sam Dixon - Peripheral Vascular Disease

    • Tama Hudson - Heart Failure

  • Deutsch - Community Translation

    • Flüssigkeitshaushalt und Ernährung – Quiz v1.2.5

    • Flüssigkeitshaushalt und Ernährung – Übung (de-DE) v1.2.5

    • Flüssigkeitshaushalt und Ernährung – Vorbereitung v1.2.5

    • Klinische Messungen I – Quiz (de-DE) v1.2.5

    • Klinische Messungen I – Übung (de-DE) v1.2.5

    • Klinische Messungen I – Vorbereitung (de-DE) v1.2.5

    • Klinische Messungen II – Quiz (de-DE) v1.2.5

    • Klinische Messungen II – Übung (de-DE) v1.2.5

    • Klinische Messungen II – Übung (de-DE) v1.2.5


Bug Fixes


  • Breathing – Lab v1.3.2 (Human Phys and Exercise Phys)

  • Cardiorespiratory Effects of Exercise – PLP v1.3.2 (Human Phys and Exercise Phys)

  • Cardiovascular Effects of Exercise – Lab 1.3.2 (Human Phys and Exercise Phys)

  • Clinical Measurements I – Quiz v1.2.6 (Clinical Skills)

  • Energy Expenditure and Exercise – Lab v1.3.3 (Human Phys and Exercise Phys)

  • Fluid and Nutrition – Quiz v1.2.6 (Clinical Skills)

  • Heart Sounds – Lab v1.3.3 (Human Phys, Immersive Nursing, PCM)

  • Medication Administration I – Preparation v1.2.6 (Clinical Skills)

  • Stroop Test – Lab v1.2.6 (Human Phys, Neuroscience, Psychophys)

  • Water Balance – Lab v1.3.1 (DL and normal version; Human Phys)


August 2020

New Lt Feature Releases

  • Improved Lt accessibility by adding access keys and the ability to navigate the lesson by tabbing
  • Fixed a bug in the Annotation Panel where the annotations could go blank for some students
  • Various improvements to the Lt Content Library
  • Adding a "Set for All Sections" button to update the availability start and end date for all sections Set availability for all sections
  • Applied multiple security updates
  • Behind the scenes work to get ready for the new Lt Analytics Dashboard coming next month. Here’s a sneak peek! Analytics sneak peek

Content Library updates

Understand Your Physiology

Last month we released this new collection. Understand Your Physiology is a learning supplement that has more than 160 ready-made lessons and over 3900+ interactive questions. The collection covers fundamental physiological concepts including regulation and control, body systems, and multi-system physiology.

New lessons

  • v1.0 versions of 18 Lt Biology labs added to the US_Biology_Pack (build #318)
  • Biology - release of 18 final v1.0 labs
    • Acid Rain – Lab v1.0
    • Aquatic Photosynthesis – Lab v1.0
    • Biological Membranes – Lab v1.0
    • Cellular Respiration – Lab v1.0
    • Diffusion through Membranes – Lab v1.0
    • Enzyme Action: Testing Catalase Activity – Lab v1.0
    • Interdependence of Plants and Animals – Lab v1.0
    • Limitations on Cell Size – Lab v1.0
    • Metabolization of Sugars by Yeast – Lab v1.0
    • Mitosis and Meiosis – Distance Learning Lab v1.0
    • Mitosis and Meiosis – Lab v1.0
    • Photosynthesis – Lab v1.0
    • Population Dynamics – Lab v1.0
    • Population Genetics and Evolution – Distance Learning Lab v1.0
    • Population Genetics and Evolution – Lab v1.0
    • The Visible Spectra of Plant Pigments – Lab v1.0
    • Transpiration – Lab v1.0
    • Turnip Peroxidase – Lab v1.0
  • Anatomy
    • Digestive System Model – Lab v1.0
  • Biology
    • Genetics of Drosophila – Distance learning lab DLv1.0
    • Genetics of Drosophila – Lab v.10
    • Animal Behavior – Distance Learning Lab DLv1.0
    • Animal Behavior - Lab v.10
    • Bacterial Transformation - Lab v1.0
    • Bacterial Transformation - Distance Learning Lab v1.0
  • Community Translated lessons – Portuguese (pt-BR)
    • There are 59 lessons spread between Human Phys and Anatomy.
  • Community Translated lessons – Deustch (de-DE)
    • Three modules containing 3 lessons each:
      • Flüssigkeitshaushalt und Ernährung – v1.2.5
      • Klinische Messungen I – v1.2.5
      • Klinische Messungen II – v1.2.5

Lesson updates

  • Aerobic Fitness Testing v1.3.3 fc4
    • Formatting fixes
    • Updated volunteer demographic info
  • Human Phys, PCM, Immersive Nursing
    • Lung Volumes v1.3.7
    • Read-only data panels replaced with data panels.

July 2020

We are continuously improving features and performance, fixing bugs, and releasing updates to Lt daily.

Here's what got released this month.

  • Added grading options to grading environment including anonymous grading

  • Editing of maximum grades for questions after publishing via the grading interface

  • Moodle integration 1.1 now supports the latest versions of Moodle.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


Content Library updates


New Lessons:

  • Aerobic Fitness Testing - Lab, distance learning version (Exercise Physiology Distance Learning Labs module)

Lesson updates:

  • Cardiorespiratory Effects of Exercise v1.3.3 (Exercise Physiology, Human Physiology)

New French content:

  • Cardiorespiratory Effects of Exercise – Lab v1.3.2 (Effets cardiorespiratoires de l’exercice physique – TP)

June 2020

We are continuously improving features and performance, fixing bugs, and releasing updates to Lt daily.

Here's what got released this month.

  • Added new grade syncing modes to Canvas Integration. After syncing, assignments can be moved to new assignment groups. Assignments that have been moved will continue to have their grades updated.

    • New Assignment Group - Canvas creates a new assignment group for every Lt lesson.

    • No Assignment Group - Canvas places new assignments in the top assignment group in the course.

    • Single Assignment Group - Canvas creates a single assignment group for all Lt lessons. Canvas places new assignments in this group.



  • Style and usability improvements to the Lt Grading Interface.

  • Educators can now view the work for a student who is still in progress (not yet committed) or for lessons without a completion page, so that they can see how students are progressing.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


Content Library updates


New lessons:

  • How to write good MCQs v1.0 (Getting Started with Lt - Administrators v1.3.9 module)

  • Reproductive System Model - Lab v1.0 (Anatomy - Reproductive System v1.1 module)

  • Respiratory System Model - Lab v1.0 (Anatomy - Respiratory System v1.1 module)


  • Biological Membranes – Lab pr1.0 (Pre-release, Biology)


Lesson updates:

  • Aesthetics, Assessment, Accessibility, and Activities v1.1 (Getting Started with Lt - Administrators v1.3.8 module)

    • Added Instructor’s Material explaining good and bad examples of page layout in lesson

    • Updated key words

    • Replaced figures on p16

    • Updated permission for Bloom’s taxonomy image on p12

    • Added more information on accessibility

    • Added additional links to tools and resources

  • Cardiorespiratory Effects of Exercise v1.3.3 (Exercise Physiology, Human Physiology)

    • Moved example data from Instructor's Material into lesson, deleted redundant table and note).
  • Sensory Illusions - Lab v1.3 Distance learning version (Human Physiology)

    • This lab was initially released only to the Neuroscience and Psychophys collections, but you can now find it in Human Phys as well.

New German content:

  • Heart and ECG v1.3.3 (Herz und EKG) module

  • ECG Basics v1.3.2 (EKG-Grundlagen) module

  • Cardiac Cycle v1.3.2 (Herzachse) module

  • Abnormal ECGs v1.3.2 (Anormale EKGs) module

  • Heart and ECG – Lab v1.3.3 (Herz und EKG – Praktikum) module

  • Anaerobic Fitness Testing – Lab v1.3.2 (Anaerobe Fitnesstests – Praktikum) lesson

May 2020

We are continuously improving features and performance, fixing bugs, and releasing updates to Lt daily.

Here's what got released this month.


  • Added a new model answer view of the lesson (all panels show the model answers, and report page is always visible), accessible via a new link in the grading interface
  • Added a new sidebar in the grading view that enables graders to move between students for the same question. Graders now have the flexibility to grade in the way that suits them best
  • Added a search box for new grading sidebar
  • Added sorting to the grading interface (order by family name or given name)
  • Progress indicators for students and overall progress for the entire lesson within the grading interface
  • Students now have the ability to add their own comments to example data in the Data Panel

  • Improved the reliability of the PDF generator service

  • Authors can find recent work easier by using the new ‘Recently Edited’ filter we’ve added to the Lesson card

  • Syncing grades is now even faster across large courses

  • Fixes a bug where lessons would still indicate they were in a module after being removed

  • Resolve issues around password reset and email change when a user makes multiple requests at once

  • Added a fix for persisting of grades when switching quickly to another student in the grading interface

  • Canvas Integration warns users when they don't have the correct permissions to sync grades

  • Implemented a cooldown period of two hours for bulk "Send Invites" from Student Accounts administration. Students already invited in the previous two hours are not reinvited.

  • Updated our Canvas integration to fix a syncing issue that some customers were seeing

April 2020

We are continuously improving features, fixing bugs and releasing updates to Lt

Here is a summary of what got shipped this month.

Content Library

  • You can now find the content that suits your course even faster! By searching the Lt Content Library using module/lesson names & keywords


  • All student work can be graded in Lt

  • Administrators can choose to allow students to download a PDF of their report

  • Administrators can choose to allow students to submit a PDF of their report by email

  • Student workflows stay the same as they were with the previous grading modes (unless you change the settings)

  • Lesson report settings in existing courses will be updated to match the features of their previous grading mode. 

  • Courses that previously used kuraCloud Grading will have their settings preserved

  • Improved our database load times, large courses and lessons will feel even faster to Educators and Students

  • For our European Educators, we’ve now added support for semicolons when using CSV files to import lists of students

March 2020

We are continuously improving features and performance, fixing bugs, and releasing updates to Lt daily.

Here's what got released this month.

Introducing the Lt Content Import Library!

  • Accessed from the Course menu, users can now browse and import over 400 interactive and fully-customizable life science lessons & labs

Student Licence Count

  • Instance Administrators can now use the instance dashboard to monitor the number of active students across the instance

Student Homepage updates

  • Updated the styling of the student homepage to include information about lesson availability
  • Students can now see their recently accessed lessons at the top of the student home page

Improved Publishing Workflow

  • Simplified the lesson and module publishing workflow by giving users the option of automatically making the lessons or modules immediately available

Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Improved the search feature to make this more helpful when a search returns no results
  • Styling and contrast changes to the student list view to enhance accessibility
  • Fixed a bug where availability shows up as undefined in the published lesson card if access within a minute of a refresh
  • Fixed an issue with the placement of the Lt logo on some devices
  • Added a new course setting to more easily control student access to Example Data 
  • Updated the emails that get sent to new users
  • Added translated lessons and modules to the Content Import Library 

(Deutsch (de-DE) 

Español (es-LA) 

Français (fr-FR)

Português (pt-BR))

  • Graders can now choose to grade questions that were not set up for grading at authoring time. These questions will be togglable hidden or shown in the grading interface via a checkbox.
  • IE 11 Support will be dropped on July 31st 2020 (for more information, go here)
  • Various bug fixes and smaller improvements

Previous Releases

Timaru – 4th  November 2019

kuraCloud Timaru is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The technical stuff

  • Improvement to Canvas Integration
  • Various bugfixes

Seacliff – 30th  September 2019

kuraCloud Seacliff is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • Better sorting. Sort students by "Given Name" and "Family Name" in the Student Accounts card.
  • Better searching. Search in all entered student fields in the Student Accounts card.

The small stuff

  • Moved Get Student Emails button to the main drop-down menu in the student accounts card.
  • Navigation from the Enter License screen to the Lesson screen for users in unlicensed access periods

The technical stuff

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts in text fields in lessons. The undo/redo functionality is now available.
  • Updated our databases to prepare for upcoming features.

Rotorua – 9th  September 2019

kuraCloud Rotorua is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • Added grace periods for institutions using scratchcard access codes. Students can get 21 days unrestricted access before an access code is required.

The technical stuff

  • Fixed issue where users could not accept the Terms and Conditions under certain circumstances.

Queenstown – 19th  August 2019

kuraCloud Queenstown is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • New look. We’ve made some small visual changes to the look and feel of our Lt login page and emails. These changes won’t affect your Lt access or experience.

The small stuff

  • Rectangle hotspots. If you don’t need a custom shape you can now set up your Hotspot Panel quicker and easier with rectangular hotspot regions!

Port Chalmers – 22nd  July 2019

kuraCloud Port Chalmers is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The technical stuff

  • Improved PDF generation. Our PDF generation is now quicker and even more reliable for students on mobile devices, and for students emailing a report to a grader.
  • Performance improvements. Lessons load faster! This is part of our ongoing mission to get students into their lessons quicker so they can start learning as soon as possible.
  • Canvas integration. Lt now supports workflows where the login IDs for Canvas accounts are not emails. For example, for institutions that require students to login to Canvas using a student ID, Lt will fallback to using the default email address associated with the account.

Oamaru - 15th  April 2019

kuraCloud Oamaru is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • There is a link to the new Lt online community in the user menu for staff logged into an Lt instance.

The technical stuff

  • Fixed broken help links for Lt users. 
  • Performance improvements to the student homepage.
  • Performance improvements to the course dashboard.
  • Various security improvements. 

Naseby – 11th March 2019

kuraCloud Naseby is a Major release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • The Hotspot panel! A new panel that allows authors to highlight areas of an image to attach information, even adding additional layers of images.

The technical stuff

  • Performance improvements to lesson load times.
  • Performance improvements when loading lists in the admin interface.
  • Improved logging.

Moeraki – 4th February 2019

kuraCloud Moeraki is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The small stuff

  • Changed Send Diagnostics feature to Send Feedback

The technical stuff

  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Various bug fixes

Lawrence – 3rd December 2018

kuraCloud Lawrence is a major release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • Canvas Integration! Lt can now be integrated with your Canvas instance to synchronize students and grades. Find out how Here.
  • Improved PDF generation. Our PDF generation has been improved to be faster and more reliable!

The technical stuff

  • Improved Android 9 support.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Security upgrades

Kaitaia – 30th July 2018

kuraCloud Kaitaia is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • The kuraCloud Team have been making changes to ensure we are GDPR compliant.
  • We’ve made the kuraCloud login page accessible inline with the WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines. Would you like to see accessibility improvements made to the rest of kuraCloud? Let us know what you think!

The technical stuff

  • Various bug fixes
  • Security upgrades

Jackson – 21st May 2018

kuraCloud Jackson is a major release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • Course archiving! Finished with this semester but still want students to have access to their work in your course? You can now archive the course, which gives students read-only access to their lessons.
  • Prep for a new semester ahead of time by preloading your student list, without having to send invitation emails. Now, you can send invitations to selected students when you want.

The smaller stuff

  • You can now view a student’s sampled data in “View Student Work” mode.
  • The Minipages panel has been redesigned, of note, the the minipage number is now displayed at the top.
  • “Log in” option on the invitation page less emphasised for new users.
  • Make all lessons available within a module is now as simple as a click!
  • If no lessons are available to a student, they now see a message saying, “No lessons have been made available to you yet.”

The technical stuff

  • Various bug fixes

Invercargill – 26th February 2018

kuraCloud Invercargill is a major release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • Copy an entire course! You can now easily duplicate a course, along with all the lessons and staff, making semester rollover super efficient. Need a tutorial?
  • The improved Scope Panel makes it much simpler for students to focus on scientific analysis. Students can now hide, delete or view traces individually (“solo”). Need a tutorial?

The smaller stuff

  • Format the text in your summary pop-ups just like any other text panel.
  • For our European friends, we’ve added the purple colour of academia to your Instance theme colours - check it out under “eggplant”.
  • If you have pop-ups linking to other pop-ups, students can use the new “back” button to navigate backwards, just like regular pages.
  • In the Background Page, we added a new “return to lesson” button to make navigation easier for students.
  • Improved layout of the buttons on the Data Sampling Panel.
  • Improved the Annotation Panel question icon to be more internationally recognisable.
  • Fixed a bug where linked pop ups were not detected as referenced in the lesson.

The technical stuff

  • Various bug fixes.

Hokitika – 18th December 2017

kuraCloud Hokitika is a major release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • Manage availability of lessons. Set a time and date to make a lesson available to students, and when to commit it, by course and now by section too. Need a tutorial?
  • Manage sections. Filter students by section, move students between sections, rename, add and delete sections, make your lessons available by section. Need a tutorial?
  • Beautiful new student progress dashboard for course administrators. Quick, at-a-glance data of your class. See progress by lesson, student or section, see lessons with grades released, and invitations accepted. Need a tutorial?

The smaller stuff

  • Filter students by lesson progress, then export the list of emails, so you can identify and better support at-risk students. Need a tutorial?
  • Quickly find students who haven’t activated their invitation and email them.
  • Grant an extension to a student who has not started the lesson but has been committed.

The technical stuff

  • The API has been shifted to a more robust and scalable infrastructure.

Gibbston – 16th October 2017

kuraCloud Gibbston is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

  • Moodle integration! To watch a video about how this works, click here!
  • Students can now see the question when annotating an image in the Annotation Panel
  • Student report pages now display better on mobile devices.
  • Improved reconnection if you are unexpectedly disconnected.
  • To avoid confusion, the Reset Student Progress button is now disabled until at least one student has started the lesson.
  • View Student Work feature will now correctly display the student email on the student report page.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Frankton – 18th September 2017

kuraCloud Frankton is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

  • Image Panels can be made as small as buttons for greater customisation.
  • Moved the “Clear Answer” button so it’s harder to accidentally click.
  • “What’s New” now links directly to this page so all the update information is in one place.
  • Improved the loading speed for your Instance.
  • You can now export model answers, even if no student has started the lesson.
  • You can now filter student accounts by section.
  • A few other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Eastbourne – 21st August 2017

kuraCloud Eastbourne is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes

  • Course Admins and Graders can now view a student's lesson, including the ability to export the student's PDF report. This feature is accessed by selecting a student the Student Work card
  • Authors can now copy and paste entire lesson pages and popups, including in between different kuraCloud lessons
  • Improved authoring behaviour when inserting popups into lesson content
  • Improved table question model answers updating of read only cells when edits are made to the original question
  • Added additional filters to the Manage Student Progress card. Including ‘Students who have not started’ and ‘Filter by section’
  • Added support documentation link to the API Access card
  • Added the ability for Authors to see which popups are used/unused in a lesson
  • Added Spanish as a new option for translated emails
  • Fixed issue where un-deletable whitespace was sometimes added at the top of a Text Panel
  • The Export Student Answers .csv file now contains a row that displays the correct answer and grading instructions for each question
  • Improved kuraCloud Blackboard Integration
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

Darfield – 24th July 2017

Gathering Analytics: We are excited to announce that we've completed the first phase of expanding kuraCloud's analytic capabilities! In kuraCloud Darfield, starting from the 24th July 2017, we will begin to track user actions, to store as a data set for future analysis. Over time, this data will provide a powerful cache of information, helping you to create courses that are as effective and engaging for your students as possible. It also means that we can give you an even better user experience, based on your real needs.

Cambridge – 12th June 2017

kuraCloud Cambridge is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes:

  • Course Administrators will now have the ability to set a staff member that students can contact. Students will find the contact button in their user dropdown menu
  • Students will now see a warning on the checkpoint and completion pages letting them know that there are unanswered questions
  • We've improved our search filter! The filter will now search for words, regardless of accented characters
  • Modules on the student homepage now display a tick when all lessons inside have been completed
  • Labels on bar graphs have been improved
  • Improved the visibility of popups and links in panels when superscript or subscript is used

Broad Bay – 3rd April 2017

kuraCloud Broad Bay is a minor release with a number of improvements:

  • Selected annotation tool now stays active until another tool is selected
  • Committed lessons now show a tick symbol on the student home page
  • Ability to drag and drop Value Panel values directly into the Units Calibration Panel
  • Two new filters are available in the Manage Student Progress card

Brooklyn – 15th May 2017

kuraCloud Brooklyn is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes:

  • Authors can now add written feedback for students on auto-graded questions
  • Student work committed via ‘Commit All’ now shows completion tick on student home page
  • Scientific notation formatting now available in Tables and Spreadsheets
  • Authors can now set a maximum of 9 (was 3) decimal places in Tables and Spreadsheets.
  • Enhanced visibility of longer, scrolling pages for students, by making the ‘More’ button more prominent
  • Improved performance of the browser for graders when grading large lessons
  • Greater control of page layout as a result of reducing the minimum height of the Whitespace Panel
  • Improved visibility of popups and hyperlinks in the Table Panel
  • Improved visibility of the Background Page icon
  • The student, lesson and module lists in the admin interface are now always ordered correctly
  • Improved the drag-and-drop functionality of the Button Panel
  • Fixed bug where authors were sometimes unable to copy and paste aliases from a Minipage Panel
  • Fixed bug where text panel line spacing changed after exiting and returning to lesson

Brightwater – 13th March 2017

kuraCloud Brightwater is a minor release with improvements to PDF generation.

Brighton – 27th February 2017

kuraCloud Brighton is a minor bug fix release.

Branxholme – 30th January 2017

kuraCloud Branxholme is a minor release which includes interface improvements.

Bradford – 19th December 2016

kuraCloud Bradford is a minor bug fix release.

Bowentown – 5th December 2016

kuraCloud Bowentown is a minor bug fix release.

Bluff – 25th October 2016

kuraCloud Bluff is a minor bug fix release.

Blackball – 5th September 2016

kuraCloud Blackball is a minor release that introduces the 'What's New in kuraCloud' feature for all staff accounts.

Bendigo – 8th August 2016

kuraCloud Bendigo is a minor release which includes a number of bug fixes.

Balclutha – 13th June 2016

kuraCloud Balclutha improves support for large courses by introducing a number of changes:

  • Student sections
  • Group grading
  • Improved grading performance
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to existing features

Beaumont – 16th May 2016

kuraCloud Beaumont is a minor release which improves the reliability of Data Sampling.

Bannockburn – 11th April 2016

kuraCloud Bannockburn is a minor release which adds student ID support for Course Administrators and improved Stimulator detection.

Balfour – 14th March 2016

kuraCloud Balfour is a minor release which includes performance and interface improvements.

Blenheim – 3rd March 2016

kuraCloud Blenheim includes a number of new features and improvements including:

  • Introduces the Scope Panel
  • Changes to the Upload and Annotate panel 
  • Improved notifications for users with connection issues

Aylesbury – 16th December 2015

kuraCloud Aylesbury is a minor release which includes performance improvements.

Awhitu – 14th December 2015

kuraCloud Awhitu is a minor release which includes performance improvements.

Awatoto - 1st December 2015

kuraCloud Awatoto is a hotfix release to implement a minor performance improvement.

Avonside - 30th November 2015

kuraCloud Avonside is a minor release which introduces the Duplicate Page feature for authors.

Awarua - 17th November 2015

kuraCloud Awarua is a hotfix release that improves reliability of Student View for authors.

Awanui - 16th November 2015

kuraCloud Awanui is a minor release which introduces Table View Regions for authors and includes improvements to performance and reliability.

Auroa - 2nd November 2015

kuraCloud Auroa is a minor release which includes minor infrastructure improvements.

Ashley - 22nd October 2015

kuraCloud Ashley is a hotfix release with minor interface improvements.

Ashburton - 19th October 2015

kuraCloud Ashburton is a minor release which improves the loading of student homepages.

Arrowtown - 5th October 2015

kuraCloud Arrowtown is a minor release which includes improvements to performance and reliability.

Aramoana - 21st September 2015

kuraCloud Aramoana is a minor release which introduces Presentation Mode as a prototype feature and includes improvements to performance and usability.

Albany - 7th September 2015

kuraCloud Albany is a minor release which improves the reliability of email notifications.

Akaroa - 31st August 2015

kuraCloud Akaroa is a minor release which includes a small number of security and usability improvements.

Ahaura - 24th August 2015

kuraCloud Ahaura offers a number of new improvements and features including:

  • Student View – quickly view courses as a student
  • Fast Drag – drag files directly into kuraCloud to create new panels
  • Improved panel and button layout for authors and students
  • Student Resources – add downloadable files to lessons 

Olympus - 20th July 2015

kuraCloud Olympus introduces a range of new features including:

  • Lab Groups:
    • Display audited student group activity to students and graders
  • PowerLab:
    • Unit calibration
    • Spirometry
    • Reset hardware - troubleshoot hardware communication issues with ease
    • Improved display of channel titles

kuraCloud no longer supports IE10.

Matheson - 29th June 2015

Matheson introduced the Lab Group feature, allowing students to work as a group and preview group lessons. 

The Stimulator Panel for use with a PowerLab was also introduced.

Tekapo - 25th May 2015

Tekapo is a release which introduces a number of new features for users sampling with a PowerLab, including:

  • Zeroing (including GSR)
  • Introducing grading for the Data Panel
  • Allowing students to delete data from the Data Panel
  • Introducing support for example data in the Data Panel
  • Read only Data Panel

Other features included in Tekapo are notifications for logged-in users (for example when kuraCloud is being upgraded) and revision comments for content management and sign-off.

Taharoa - 20th April 2015

Taharoa is a minor release which introduces support for graphing multiple series.

Rangitata - 26th March 2015

Rangitata is a hotfix release to resolve a rare issue with the rendering of images in popups and annotation panels.

Monowai - 23rd March 2015

Monowai is a release to add graphing and spreadsheet features.

Leith - 16th March 2015

Leith was a "hotfix" release to make improvements to the grading feature.

Silver – 23rd February 2015

Silver is a release which addresses a number of customer requests. Features will include:

  • Deputy Course Administrators Role
  • External marking: export student answers as CSV (e.g. for Excel)
  • Module option to require lessons be completed in order
  • Improved image performance

Avon – 26th January 2015

Avon is a minor release, which improves load time and performance of popups.​

Kawarau – 19th December 2014

Kawarau was a hotfix to make further improvements to performance on low-memory devices.​

Shotover – 16th December 2014

Shotover was a planned “hotfix” update, enhancing performance and usability with large lessons on mobile devices and iPads.

Aoraki – 27th November 2014

kuraCloud Aoraki introduces a range of new features including:

  • Grading - We've added a fantastic integrated grading (marking) system into kuraCloud - all question panels now support grading, as well as "instant feedback" (formative assessment) options for students. Many panel types, like multiple choice and label image questions can be graded by kuraCloud automatically – a great time saver for you and your fellow academic staff! Learn more about grading here.
  • Sampling - sampling is now available to our ADInstruments customers who have a PowerLab. This allows recording of physiological signals for life science education.
  • The Button panel - The Button panel allows you to create an image which displays a popup when clicked.

These features are just the first step in very important areas and will be enhanced in coming releases.


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The community is a way for educators to share resources, work together, get feedback, and build stronger, more meaningful relationships in real-time - whether these are across campus, or across the globe!

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Arianna Boulet

Arianna Boulet (North America)

I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado. As a CSM, I love working with passionate instructors who truly care about their students. Being able to help such innovative educators makes loving my job that much easier!

My favorite Lt feature is how easy it is to author. I think it is important for instructors to be able to customize the content to fit around their course and learning objectives, and Lt makes this very easy for them.

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Gabrielle Leite

Gabrielle Leite (South America)

I’m a Biologist graduated from UNESP- Rio Claro and I did my master’s degree in Comparative Physiology at UFSCar- São Carlos. I started working at ADInstruments in 2012 as an Application Scientist and since then I have taken on a more supportive role for our customers in Brazil and Latin America.

What I like most about Lt is its authoring tool and how easy it is to use! I love being able to offer educators a quality solution to the problems they face every day.

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Liam Farley

Liam Farley (Australasia)

I did my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Physiology before joining the ADI team in 2015. What I enjoy most about being a CSM is working with a customer to help them overcome a particular pain point.

I love that Lt does a lot of the heavy lifting for educators, in the sense that it has so much quality content already available.

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Tom Broughton

Tom Broughton (Europe)

I graduated in 2008 with a BSc in Chemistry, and joined ADInstruments’ Support Team in October 2009, assisting customers in both research and education, but I have focused solely on education support since 2013, including providing support for LabStation and Lt, as well as their associated hardware, and haven’t looked back since!

In terms of Lt, I love the intuitiveness (and speed) of the software as well as the ease of authoring - it’s a huge time saver for educators.

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- Heather Kesby, Biological Sciences, University of Leeds, UK.

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- Associate Professor Diane Kenwright, Head of Department, Pathology and Molecular Medicine, University of Otago, Wellington, NZ.

“I didn’t know customer service like this existed until I started using Lt”

- Bronwen Mayo, Lecturer in Biosciences School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia, AUS.

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