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Lt is an online learning platform with ready-to-use content for life sciences, nursing, and medicine.

Create engaging, interactive lessons with our physiology, anatomy, and biology education software.

Future-proof your course with our innovative and versatile teaching platform.

Sharon Hercus

"We have seen high student engagement and satisfaction, and widespread adoption over many disciplines and courses."

- Sharon Herkes, Senior Lecturer, Physiology, University of Sydney

  • Developing skilled scientists   
    and critical thinkers

    How the Human Physiology teaching team at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs uses Lt to successfully engage large numbers of students in active learning by delivering hands-on, practical labs.

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  • Medical Sciences Team   
    The University of Sydney

    How Lt has helped to increase student engagement, future-proof the team’s teaching approach, and improve collaboration.

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  • Accelerating clinical skills   
    and knowledge

    How the University of the West of Scotland uses Lt to prepare nursing students for working in the healthcare sector.

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  • Revolutionizing Healthcare Education

    How the Otago Polytechnic School of Nursing uses Lt to increase student engagement and improve pass rates.

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Meet our Content Team

Our Education Content Team is a highly skilled and experienced team who are passionate about science and learning! We design and create the lessons and labs within Lt and Lt LabStation, in a variety of subject areas including physiology, anatomy, and biology. Our team includes instructional designers, medical illustrators, and a localization expert.

An important aspect of our work is to keep up with the latest learning design strategies and evidence-based teaching practices so that we can apply these strategies and theories to create accessible, interactive lessons. We introduce students to metacognitive skills so that they can take control of their own learning, and further engage them through questions and interactive activities.

Our medical illustrators make sure our lessons are full of beautiful images with a clear and consistent style, while taking accessibility guidelines into account.

“One of the exciting things about this role is researching pedagogical theory and applying it to our collections and development processes”

- Charlotte, Instructional Designer

  • PhD Marine Science, MSc Marine Science, BSc Oceanography

    Instructional Designer

    After graduating with a PhD in Marine Science I spent time lecturing undergraduates and co-organizing an art and science collaboration - which forced me to explain complicated concepts in a clear, concise manner! I enjoy sharing my passion for science and engaging both students and the community. I have a keen interest in the best methods to teach science and applying these methods when developing our lessons.

    Favorite Lt collection   
    Our Biology collection, developed in partnership with Vernier, not only covers a wide range of topics but allows students a voice and choice in what they learn with added extensions. That ability to engage with the subject allows for student agency, positive engagement, and allows students to form deeper connections with the material.

    BSc Biochemistry and Genetics, MSciComm

    Education Content Team Leader

    I came to instructional design through a love of teaching biochemistry and genetics to undergrad medical students. My Master’s degree in Science Communication taught me many useful skills that I use every day to create fun, engaging content for students. I feel that enjoying learning is such an important first step for students - it gives them the confidence to keep trying until they understand a complex topic.

    Favorite Lt collection   
    Clinical Skills walks nursing students through new techniques using realistic videos and real-world documents, before students practice these skills in class. A really nice example of how blended learning allows educators to make the most of in-person teaching time.

    BA, DipEd, DipDigitalDesign

    Medical Illustrator

    As a medical illustrator I develop the artwork and multimedia that brings our digital content to life! My background in graphic design and education gives me a passion for creating fun and interactive learning experiences that engage the senses and improve learners' knowledge and understanding. My role includes illustration, photography, and video editing - and I put these all together in Lt, with its easy authoring system and sleek layout!

    Favorite Lt collection   
    The Anatomy Collection stands out for me. It covers every system of the human body, while delving into histology, dissection, and model labs. It has a great array of visual elements and activities to help students understand the material.

  • MSc Neuroscience, BA (Hons) Psychology

    Instructional Design Specialist

    I have an interest in health science, particularly related to the brain. My Master's research explored learning, anxiety, and brain inflammation after stroke but I've enjoyed studying a wide range of life science subjects including physiology, anatomy, and psychology. Good science education is vital to keep advancing both healthcare and neuroscience and I want to make high quality and engaging material that pushes the boundaries of science education.

    Favorite Lt collection   
    Neuroscience - a large collection of fun labs with a wide range of topics - from reflexes and muscle twitch experiments to the Stroop effect and classical conditioning.

    MSc Marine Science, BSc Biology

    Instructional Designer

    I’m passionate about fostering scientific curiosity and empowering students to take ownership of their learning. My background is in biology and marine ecology, but after a year researching assessment practices in higher education I gained an interest in the cognitive science behind how people learn and remember. I love staying up-to-date with the latest studies in that field, and implementing research-based learning strategies in our lesson design.

    Favorite Lt collection   
    Preclinical Medicine is really special because it includes case studies that feature videos of real patients (not actors!), their families, and the entire medical team involved in their care. It’s really powerful to integrate medical science alongside candid videos of individuals sharing their personal experiences with a variety of medical conditions.

    PhD, BSc (Hons) Biochemistry

    Medical Illustrator

    Throughout my time studying biochemistry, I developed a passion for making graphical representations of complex datasets. This, combined with a love for the visual arts, led me to become a medical illustrator. I believe clear illustrations greatly enhance a student’s understanding of science. I embrace the challenge of creating images that assist with communicating complex scientific concepts to students.

    Favorite Lt collection   
    The Understanding Your Physiology collection - it has such a broad range of interactive questions which are great for student engagement, as well as sections designed to allow students to apply their knowledge.

Alternative software

Lt LabStation

If you need a lab-based solution, Lt LabStation has all of the benefits of Lt and is ideal for offline life science teaching.


If you want to use research-grade software and hardware in the teaching lab, we offer LabChart for Education.

Education Kits and PowerLab


of the top 100 Universities in the world use PowerLab 

Choose from a range of education kits to suit your specific teaching requirements and budget. Created with focus and flexibility in mind, our education kits have been designed to align with the latest Lt and Lt LabStation lessons and content, ensuring that you have everything you need for your teaching labs, and nothing you don’t.

All education kits can be matched with your choice of software, lessons and PowerLab.

High performance data acquisition for your life science classroom experiments

PowerLab is engineered for precise, consistent, reliable data acquisition, giving you the reproducable data you need while meeting the strictest international safety standards. Simple to set up, PowerLab connects directly to Windows and Apple computers via USB port.

The T Series PowerLab is an economically priced high quality DAQ unit with built-in, fully isolated, two-channel bio amplifier, isolated stimulator, separate non-isolated analog inputs and a differential-mode analog output.

"PowerLab simply WORKS. It never crashes or has to be rebooted, and is 100% reliable."

- Dr Geovanni Casotti, Professor of Biology, West Chester University, USA.