Adding Whitespace to an Image using Microsoft Paint

  1. Open Microsoft Paint

  2. Click View > Zoom > Zoom Out til you can see the whole white canvas

  3. Click Home

  4. Click the small arrow underneath the Paste button

  5. Browse to the image you want, click Open

  6. Your image should be imported and selected

  7. Click and hold on the image and drag it to the right to create some whitespace on the left. You can also use the handles to make the image smaller (to create whitespace at the bottom and top if you like).

  8. Once you are happy with where your image is on the canvas (the white space), click away into the grey area.

  9. If you like, you can then resize the canvas as well. Click and drag the small handles on the sides of the canvas to resize it.

  10. Once you’re happy, save your image. Click the Save button.