Playback File 1.1

2.74MB • Released 

System Requirements

Playback File v1.1 is compatible with LabChart v7.3.5 - v7.3.8.

Release Notes

New Features

Comments recorded in source file

Playing back a source file containing comments now includes those comments automatically in the datastream. Comments can optionally be turned off using a checkbox in the Playback File Settings dialog.

Known Issues

GLP Signed Documents and Playback File

Playback File does not support playback of GLP signed documents. If you want to play back a GLP signed document, first save a non-GLP copy, then open the copy as a Playback File Source.

Extension and Device enabler resources with LabChart languages installations

When LabChart is installed for two or more languages at the same time, for example English and Japanese, installing Device Enablers or Extensions to Japanese can result in the Welcome Center resources being installed to English when the Add-On itself is installed to Japanese. If this happens, the workaround is to manually copy the Playback File folder from Getting Started to the Japanese equivalent.

Changes Since Previous Version

Saving over a Playback File source file

It is now possible to save a document over a currently selected Playback File source file.

Improved data synchronisation when changing inputs

Playback File now correctly synchronises channel data after turning on additional inputs and sampling again. Previously the new channel would keep sampling after the others had stopped.

Improved behaviour when using settings files as Playback File sources

Opening a settings file as Playback File Source now functions correctly. Note that, if the settings file has only data channels, it shows a message “No sample data to process” and no sampling takes place. However, if the settings file contains at least one channel calculation which does not require raw data, it can be used to simulate data (e.g, using arithmetic).

Playback File and prefixed units

Source files now correctly show prefixed and non-prefixed units on changing to a different Playback File source file.

Improved playback performance

Some documents, in particular those that have been imported and then saved as LabChart documents, showed no waveform when played back. This has now been fixed and such documents now play back correctly.

Playback File now works correctly with Multipoint Calibration

Files saved with Multipoint Calibration channel calculations now function correctly.

Scripting Support for Playback File

The controls on the Playback File Settings dialog can now be used with LabChart macros.

Moving packaged Playback File source

Where a document or settings file references another file as a Playback File source, it now opens and can play back the source file even after the files have been packaged together and extracted to a different computer.

Playback file works correctly when not using native rate

In certain circumstances Playback file would stop sampling before it reached the end of a file when using a non-native sampling rate. This has now been resolved.

Range settings in source file no longer causing clipping in sampled data

Files generated from arithmetic channel calculations now display within a sensible range and without clipping, even when the range settings are such as to introduce clipping. Note that, when playing back settings files, it is important to set a reasonable range, otherwise clipping can occur.

Handling (Not a Number) NaN data

Playback File now handles NaN data consistently, mapping to “Out of range” and clipping to the negative range boundary. NaN data is generated by some channel calculations, such as Cyclic Measurements and Spectrum, especially at each end of a sampling block.

Documents containing Cyclic Measurements channels sample correctly

Documents containing one or more Cyclic Measurements channels now correctly stop at the end of each record (or restart on the following record depending on the Playback File Settings).