Can I record an audio signal with a PowerLab?

Microphones with an analog output can be easily adapted for use with the either the single-ended (BNC) or differential (DIN) input connectors on the PowerLab.ADInstruments, however, does not directly sell standalone analog microphones for recording human audible sounds.If the microphone requires an external power source, a third-party audio amplifier with an analog output can be used, or the PowerLab’s differential input connector’s power supply pins (± 5 Volts; 50 mA maximum current draw) can be used to power the microphone. See your PowerLab’s Owners Guide for the differential input connector’s pin-out diagram.

Also, to properly record human audible sounds the sampling frequency in LabChart should be set to at least twice the frequency of the signal of interest, and the input range set to roughly twice the microphones highest expected output amplitude.  For reference, the audio frequency range of humans is roughly 20 to 20,000 Hz. When an analog microphone is wired into an input channel on a PowerLab, the Input Amplifier dialog should be used to select a voltage range that adequately brackets the gain applied by the microphone being used.  Once the sound data is recorded, it can be played back with the LabChart Audio Output Extension.

Please contact ADInstruments Technical Support if you require further assistance.