How do I add a new column in Table View in LabChart Lightning?

In LabChart Lightning, the default parameters initially displayed in the Table View are columns for "Mean" that correspond to each channel in the Chart View. If you would like to add parameters to a column in Table View for one of your signals, first left mouse click on the signal name in the Table View. The Table Channel Properties will open. In this dialog, left mouse click to select a drop-down menu category: Statistics, Selection & Active Point, Comments, Slope, Integral, Block Information and Cyclic Measurements

This will present a list of options specific to that particular category. Select the parameters you would like to see displayed in the table (such as a statistic (ie. median), selection (ie. time), comment (ie. full comment text), etc.) by left mouse clicking to check its box. To remove the column, simply uncheck its box.

The Table View will update in real time to reflect this change. The order of the parameters displayed in a column in Table View will correspond to the order (ascending to descending) of the list for that particular category in its Table View Properties drop-down menu.

If you would like to create a new custom calculation in the Table View, click the Properties (“...”) button to open the Table View Properties. Then choose “Create Column” from the Calculated Columns drop-down menu.


If you have additional questions about Table View or any other LabChart Lighting features, please contact your local ADInstruments Technical Support Representative.