Which model of the Ventri-Cath catheter is most suitable for my animal model?

The Millar Ventri-Cath catheters provide high-fidelity pressure, volume and internal ECG signals when connected to the MPVS Ultra system.

Four different spacings of the 12 conductance electrodes (ten volume segments) are available. The following table will give an indication of the maximum ventricle length each model can be used for. Note, this distance can be dynamically adjusted during PV loop procedures to match individual ventricular axis in the MPVS Ultra control software.
Model Ventricular length most suited animal model
Ventri-Cath 507 58 mm smaller dog and pig models
Ventri-Cath 510 79 mm large dog and pig as well sheep models
Ventri-Cath 512 93 mm larger pig and sheep models
Ventri-Cath 515 144 mm large animals of severe cardiomyopathy
Each catheter model is available with a straight tip or a pig tail.

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