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Our online learning platform for the sciences, Lt, was recognized by six international edtech award programs in 2022.

Lt is cloud-based and hosts 900+ interactive, professionally-designed, and fully-customizable lessons and labs.

The platform has been recognized by multiple award programmes in 2022.

We're proud to share that Lt was the winner of the E-Learning category in "the Oscars of education", the Reimagine Education Awards.

Beating out 21 other finalists, Lt was recognized as a truly innovative solution for science education.

The winner's badge for the e-Learning category of the 2022 Reimagine Education Awards. It is a white square with a thin gold border. There is photo of a boy using a virtual-reality headset in the center of the badge. Below this, there are two logos: one for QS Reimagine Education and one for Wharton University of Pennsylvania. Below the logos is the text, "Lt: Engaging Students in Active Learning", "ADInstruments", and "E-Learning Award - GOLD".

Happy students, happy learners: Lt increases student engagement at the University of Auckland

Besides our win at the Reimagine Education Awards, an Honorable Mention in the 1EdTech (formerly IMS Global) Learning Impact Awards acknowledges the significant positive impact Lt has had on medical science and microanatomy courses at the University of Auckland.

At the University of Auckland, Lt:

  • Improved efficiency by centralizing content, assessment, and data collection
  • Eliminated the need for paper lab manuals
  • Cut the time spent in the lab from 3 hours to 2 hours of active engagement
  • Saved educators time with instant formative feedback


The challenge

At the University of Auckland (UoA), Professional Teaching Fellow Anuj had a problem. His undergraduate medical students were struggling to synthesize their lab, lecture, and tutorial learning.

They had to collect physiological data (e.g. ECG) in the lab, but spent lots of time troubleshooting hardware rather than focusing on concepts. They were using paper lab manuals, and did not enjoy the labs as they should. One student said: “I am glad it was our last physiology lab. Phew.” 

Angela, also a Professional Teaching Fellow, saw that some students struggled to keep up in her microanatomy course. Additionally, not every student could access the virtual slide platform due to device incompatibility.

The solution

Anuj and Angela decided to adopt Lt, a cloud-based learning platform for science education that enables educators and students to access content anywhere, anytime. Lt’s 900+ interactive, professionally-designed, and fully-customizable lessons let educators start teaching rapidly.

When authoring, educators can choose from a range of question types, assign points, and provide feedback. It’s then easy to track student progress via analytics. For courses like physiology, Lt enables authentic scientific data acquisition (e.g. EMG) by integrating with a range of hardware.

The learning impact outcomes

Because Lt enables data acquisition, students could complete the pre-labs, perform the lab, analyze the data, and interpret patient case studies, all in one platform. Interactive content in Lt ensured students engaged actively with course material, promoting deeper understanding. Students could collaborate by logging in as a group, and assessment questions with instant formative feedback helped develop students’ confidence. 

Student feedback in Anuj’s course was highly positive. Of the free-text survey responses, 27% commented they could focus more on the deep understanding of concepts; 26% commented it was easy to follow information; and 24% liked being able to revisit and access information at any time. Lab skills improved as did participation.

"I found using [Lt] in an online setting a much more engaging way of learning content, rather than when a lecture style was used..."
- Luca, Medical student, University of Auckland.

In Angela’s microanatomy class, students could use Lt explore at their own pace, and from outside the physical lab. Lt also improved equity and access by allowing all students to access digital slide imagery.

The return on investment

Lt was well-received by students, and improved equity and engagement. Lt also improved student attendance in Anuj’s medical science course. Additionally, prior to using Lt, students couldn't “make up” missed labs. Lt has eliminated this stressor by making the lab accessible to all students, all the time. 

Lt improved efficiency by centralizing content (including inbuilt example data and high-quality illustrations, photography, and video), assessment, and data collection. There is no need to use paper lab manuals, and physiology labs that were previously 3 hours long are now 2 hours of active engagement. Instant formative feedback in Lt saves educators time, as do its integrations with learning management systems.

Lt is now used in the pharmacy and optometry departments at UoA, and Anuj’s teaching has been recognised by a national award. Post-COVID, Lt is the ideal tool for in-person, online, and blended teaching.

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An infographic entitled "Lt is a winner" with the subheading "Transform your teaching with our lab solution". Below, there are the badges of the various award programmes which have recognized Lt, and a basic description of Lt.

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