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Lt Sensors - a cost effective way for your students to quickly and easily record biosignals directly in Lt via USB.

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Lt Sensors
Lt Sensors

Engage students in active learning

The countdown is on for Lt Sensors - our soon to be released, cost effective solution for recording physiological signals directly in Lt via USB. Students will be able to use these biosignal sensors for ECG/EKG, EEG, EMG, and EOG recording and analysis.

Lt is our versatile online learning platform that can be used across a variety of learning environments depending on your needs. Lt and our biosignal sensors combine to create the perfect remote lab kit.

It offers a fully customizable in-lab solution, incorporating hands-on, real-life data collection - or it can be the perfect tool for distance-learning with built-in example data for online labs.

Shortly you’ll be able to combine Lt Sensors with our Lt - Human Physiology collection.

Lt Sensors

Lt Sensor Highlights

Low-cost entry level USB Sensors for measuring a range of biological signals including ECG/EKG, EMG, EOG, and EEG
Connects directly to Lt via USB connection with a laptop or desktop computer
Does not require a PowerLab
Able to withstand heavy student use
Easy to use and reliable
Greater flexibility and portable learning outside of the lab
Exclusive to Lt

Lt Sensor Range

Lt Biopotential Sensor

Within Lt, you can use our biopotential sensor to process a wide variety of biosignals such as ECG / EKG, EMG, EOG, and EEG recordings.

Lt Finger Pulse Sensor

Our finger pulse sensor converts force on the surface of the transducer, into an electrical signal that can be recorded in Lt. It is ideal for use in the classroom to study heart rate.

Lt Blood Pressure Sensor

Demonstrate clinical blood pressure measurements in a lecture, tutorial, or practical class with these Sphygmomanometers - connected to a pressure transducer.

Lt Spirometer Sensor

Spirometers are used for a variety of lung and respiratory function tests and measure the amount of air a subject can breathe in and out of their lungs, and how hard and fast they can breathe out.

Lt Tendon Hammer Sensor

Tendon hammers provide triggering, timer or marker signals. They can be used to stimulate muscle spindles which elicit muscle contractions.

Lt Respiratory Belt Sensor

This sensor is designed to measure changes in chest diameter resulting from breathing.

Lt Cardio Microphone Sensor

This sensor accurately converts heart sounds (mechanical vibrations) into electrical signals via an electric (condenser) microphone device.

Lt Grip Force Sensor

Students can apply force to the metal bars of this sensor to measure and analyse their grip force in Lt.

Lt Skin Temperature Sensor

Probes for measuring skin surface temperature. Our skin temperature sensors are specifically designed for continuous temperature monitoring using the skin as an indicator of body temperature.

When will Lt Sensors be available to purchase?

Lt Sensors will be released in January 2021.


If you have any questions about our upcoming release of Lt Sensors, or would like to talk to an ADInstruments representative please contact us here.

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