A cost-effective way for your students to quickly and easily record biosignals directly into Lt via USB.

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Dr Mike Gill

"Easy to use - no-nonsense. Lt Sensors allow students to focus on learning, rather than hardware set-up."

Dr Mike Gill  
Professional Practice Fellow, Physiology, University of Otago

Engage students in active learning

Our new range of eight plug-and-play sensors connect directly to Lt through the USB connection on your Windows-based laptop or desktop computer.

Students use the Lt Sensors to record and analyze their own physiological signals in real time – these products function as ECG/EKG, EEG, EMG, EOG, respiratory rate, and finger pulse sensors. This active engagement helps students to quickly grasp and understand core physiological concepts in Lt’s Human Physiology Labs.

Affordable and easy to use

Lt USB Sensors are perfect for educators that require new or additional hardware for human physiology courses. Together with Lt, these sensors are an affordable, easy to use data acquisition solution that give students an authentic lab experience, while also allowing flexibility between face-to-face and remote learning.

Lt Sensor Highlights

Easy to use Easy to use

Low cost Low cost

Greater flexibility Greater flexibility

Authentic lab experience Authentic lab experience

  • Does not require a PowerLab

  • Low-cost entry level USB Sensors for measuring a range of biological signals including ECG/EKG, EMG, EOG, and EEG

  • Connects directly to Lt via USB connection with a Windows-based laptop or desktop computer

  • Suitable for heavy student use

  • Easy to use and reliable

  • Greater flexibility and portable learning outside of the lab

  • Exclusive to Lt

Luke Worthington

"Lt Sensors’ compact design and USB connection makes them convenient and easy to use, allowing students to work independently to acquire high quality physiological recordings in the lab or remotely."

Luke Worthington  
Lab Demonstrator, Physiology, University of Otago


Everything you need in one easy package



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Lt Sensor Human Physiology

Lt Sensor Human Physiology   


Human Physiology Kit

Lt Sensors   
(kits or individual sensors)

Lt Sensor Range and Kits

Lt Sensors can be purchased individually or in our Beginner and Intermediate Human Physiology Lt Sensor Kits.

Individual Sensors


Product Code LTS2010

Within Lt, use the Biopotential Sensor to process a wide variety of biological signals. This product functions as an ECG/EKG, EMG, EOG, and EEG sensor.

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Product Code LTS2080

The Respiratory Belt Sensor is designed to measure changes in chest diameter resulting from breathing.

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Product Code LTS2050

Demonstrate blood pressure measurements in a lecture, tutorial, or practical class with these sphygmomanometers, each of which is coupled to a pressure transducer.

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Product Code LTS2070

Skin Temperature Sensors are specifically designed for continuous temperature monitoring using the skin as an indicator of body temperature.

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Product Code LTS2060

Accurately converts heart sounds (mechanical vibrations) into electrical signals via an electret (condenser) microphone device.

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Product Code LTS2030

Tendon hammers can be used to stimulate muscle spindles which elicit muscle contractions. They also provide triggering, timer or marker signals.

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Product Code LTS2020

The Finger Pulse Sensor uses a piezo-electric element to convert force applied to the active surface of the transducer into an electrical analog signal.

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Product Code LTS2040

A pre-calibrated ready-to-use strain gauge based isometric dynamometer with a linear response in the 0-800N range.

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Lt Sensor Kits


Product Code LTSK0010

The human physiology experiment equipment provided in this kit is suitable for entry-level data acquisition. It contains three sensors, as well as accessories and consumables needed for data acquisition in some of our human physiology labs.

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The human physiology experiment equipment provided in this kit is suitable for investigating and recording a wide range of biological signals. It contains eight sensors, as well as accessories and consumables needed for data acquisition across many subject areas in our human physiology labs.

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"Lt Sensors allowed me to record and visualize my own recordings with ease"

Louis Nel  
First Year Physiology Student, University of Otago

What is Lt?

Lt is our flexible online learning platform that bridges the gap between theory and practice. Lt can be used across a variety of learning environments depending on your needs: online or in-lab, face to face or distance.

Innovative: Use Lt in the lab for a fully customizable, hands-on experience using Lt Sensors for real-life data collection - or quickly switch to distance learning with engaging online labs that utilize built-in example data.


Lt Sensors + Lt Sensor Human Physiology Collection

The Lt Sensors are designed to be used with our Lt Sensor Human Physiology Collection, which contains 23 customizable modules with a combination of tutorial(s), pre-lab prep, and a lab.

Each media-rich lesson is designed to maximize engagement and suit diverse learning styles, with a strong focus on student outcomes.

As they work through the lessons, students are prompted to record their own biological signals directly into Lt using the Lt Sensors, making scientific theory engaging, relevant, and real.

Ready-to-go, or customize

Each lesson has been expertly created by our team of instructional designers. You can use our ready-made lessons out of the box, or you can edit lessons to suit your own curriculum and teaching preferences. Lessons can be moved, grouped, and ordered as per your course needs.


If you have any questions about our Lt Sensors, or would like to talk to an ADInstruments representative please contact us here.

Are you interested in using Lt to deliver and future-proof your course? Preview our content in Lt now – for free!

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Details and Tech Specs

LTS2010 Lt Sensors Biopotential ce
LTS2020 Lt Sensors Finger Pulse ce
LTS2030 Lt Sensors Tendon Hammer ce
LTS2040 Lt Sensors Grip Force ce
LTS2050 Lt Sensors Blood Pressure ce
LTS2060 Lt Sensors Cardio Microphone ce
LTS2070 Lt Sensors Skin Temperature ce
LTS2080 Lt Sensors Respiratory Belt ce
LTSK0010 Beginner Human Physiology Sensor Kit ce
LTSK0020 Intermediate Human Physiology Sensor Kit ce

Lt Sensors plug directly into a Windows-based laptop or desktop computer via USB.

Lt Sensors are compatible with our online learning platform, Lt, and uses preset settings files when recording data into Lt. Please see Lt Device and Browser Support for more specific details.

 Biopotential SensorAll other sensors
Input Voltage Range± 15 mV to ± 200 mV   

(varies depending on sensor mode)
± 200 mV to ± 2 V   

(varies depending on sensor type)
Data Resolution24 bit16 bit
Sampling Rate Per Channel1kS/s≤ 1kS/s   

(varies depending on sensor type)
IsolatedYes (4kV)No

The data cards containing individual Lt Sensor specifications are listed below:   
Biopotential Sensor   
Blood Pressure Sensor   
Cardio Microphone Sensor   
Finger Pulse Sensor   
Grip Force Sensor   
Respiratory Belt Sensor   
Skin Temperature Sensor   
Tendon Hammer Sensor

Please see our Lt Sensor support articles within our Lt Support hub.

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