Need to move from LabTutor to Lt? Prof. Andrew Subudhi at the University of Colorado has 10 reasons why you should make the change ...

Andrew explains how moving from LabTutor to Lt has paid off for the teaching team, their workload, and their students...

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Here's how bioscience lecturer, Kimberly Smith, moved over 40 of her lessons from LabTutor to Lt.

Lt - The easiest way to update your LabTutor course

Lt is our online learning platform complete with over 360 ready-to-use lessons and labs for teaching life science, nursing, and medical courses.

Need help moving from LabTutor to Lt? Meet our Customer Success Managers - Dedicated to helping you succeed with Lt...

Transitioning from LabTutor to Lt is easy - especially when you have us helping you along the way! Meet our CSMs, dedicated to helping you transition to, and succeed with our online learning platform Lt.

How to convert a LabTutor lesson into Lt like a pro: a step-by-step guide and video

Need help converting your LabTutor lessons into Lt? Here is our step-by-step guide on how to move your LabTutor content over to Lt, including how to copy text, insert images, re-create questions, plus a whole lot more!

Meet Professor Nandu Goswami: Engaging students through hands-on experimentation

Meet Dr. Nandu Goswami, Associate Professor and Head of the Institute of Physiology at the Medical University of Graz, who uses ADInstruments tools for teaching physiology.

Benefits of Blended Learning in Nursing and Midwifery Education

Since introducing Lt into her classroom in 2017 - Ricci Wesselink, nursing and midwifery educator from Wintec, has seen a dramatic increase in student grades. Check out how she did it!

Lt's Anatomy Collection for life science educators is here!

Lt’s Anatomy Collection is a complete curriculum of ready-to-use lessons and labs, featuring media-rich dissection and histology images and videos.

The Lt Anatomy Collection is here! Check out some of the top features from our Heart Dissection Lab

Jacqui Sue, one of our lead instructional designers takes us through her favorite Dissection Lab from the Lt Anatomy Collection!

Launching our Anatomy Collection: Check out some of the top features from our Bone and Cartilage Histology Lab!

The Anatomy Collection is here! Instructional designer, Tim Wright, highlights some top features for students and educators from our Histology Labs

Teaching resource: 10 free high-quality anatomy images for educators to download and use

Pictures tell a thousand words, so here are 10 free high-quality images to use in your anatomy teaching...

Meet Rachel Klaus - A modern human anatomist.

We talk to Rachel Klaus from ToLTech about her passion for Anatomy and her day-to-day life working in a modern dissection lab.

To dissect, or not to dissect - How digital cadavers open up new teaching methods for educators

We talk to Rachel Klaus from ToLTech about the Visible Human Project and how they have used imagery from the VHP to create 3D anatomical models of the human body!