Pressure-volume recordings in small & large animals - Dr Pedro Mendes-Ferreira at University of Porto

Pedro Ferreira is a Biologist from Portugal, who obtained his PhD in Cardiovascular Sciences in 2017 at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto.

Integrated Hemodynamic Assessment of the Anesthetized Mouse - Dr Rajkumar Rajanathan

Rajkumar is currently undertaking a PhD in Cardiovascular Physiology: Familial Migraine. He is also a Medical Doctor, qualified earlier this year.

Invasive blood pressure measurements in rodents for nephrology-related research - Merle Maas-Krebber at UMCU

Merle will finish her PhD on regenerative medicine approaches for reno-cardiovascular disease (reno-CVD) in early 2022. Her research specifically focuses on overlaps and differences in inflammatory, fibrotic and regenerative processes of these reno-CVDs. Through her research, she has built up experience in rodent (micro-)surgery and invasive blood pressure and flow measurements.

In vivo cardiovascular pressure recordings: Exploring the physiology and pharmacology of monogenic syndromes of hypertension and hypotension - Dr Keith Siew

Keith is a renal-cardiovascular physiologist and microscopist. He is a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow at University College London undertaking collaborations with Université de Paris and Harvard University during his fellowship. His work focuses on elucidating the links between dietary salt intake, renal electrolyte homeostasis and blood pressure control.

Three Part Mini Webinars: Industry Based Experts on Preclinical Cardiovascular Research

To meet the diverse and multidisciplinary needs of pre-clinical cardiovascular researchers, scientific technology must be both powerful and adaptable. Hear from a variety of leading experts from industry backgrounds on how the latest integrated technologies help them advance their pre-clinical cardiovascular research.

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