Hall Effect Isotonic Transducer

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A low inertia, high-performance isotonic transducer suitable for investigating isotonic contractions in isolated organs and tissue. Attachement of this transducer requires a certain distance from the lab stand rod, thus making our range of Radnoti Organ Baths ideal when purchased with specialised extended chamber and tissue support holders. Please contact your ADInstruments Representative for more information.

The Hall Effect Isotonic Transducer features:

  • a finely adjustable counterweight
  • accurate measurement of displacements with preadjusted loads of as small as 100 - 200 mg
  • an operating range of ± 15º
  • a voltage output of 300µV per mm displacement of the lever arm tip.

It directly connects to any ADInstruments Bridge Amp, Quad Bridge Amp or Octal Bridge Amp. Discontinued ML110, ML112, ML221, ML224 and ML228 Bridge Amps are also compatible.

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Semi-Isotonic Transducer

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The Semi-Isotonic Transducer is a cantilever beam device capable of measuring small movements in physiological preparations with a range of 10-100 mm. The Nickel-plated steel lever can be placed in any position, offering great flexibility. It features high linearity and nearly isotonic characteristics. 

This transducer is supplied with an 8-pin DIN connector and can be used with any ADInstruments Bridge Amp.

This product is not currently available for purchase in the EU.

Ships from overseas Estimated delivery 2 months