DMT Normalization

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The DMT Normalization Module provides an easy method for calculating optimal pretension conditions for microvascular research. 

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The DMT Normalization Module for LabChart provides an easy method for the calculation of optimal pretension conditions for microvascular or any small tubular tissue research. 

The DMT Normalization Module is included as part of LabChart Pro or can be purchased separately.

Key Features

  • Provides micrometer setting for achieving desired pre-tension conditions by determining vessel normalized internal circumference.
  • Standardizes each piece of tissue used in experiment.
  • Online and offline determination of tissue effective pressure.
  • Allows the user to enter different micrometer settings that sequentially stretch the tissue and record exerted force by the vessel wall using PowerLab and LabChart.
  • Automatic display of an exponential curve plotting measured tissue’s internal circumference versus resting wall tension.
  • Separate Normalization Window for different channel so individual tissue end points (determination of tissue length) and wire diameter can be entered to generate individual curve.
  • Module automatically ends when effective pressure exceeds 100 mmHg (13.3kPA). Effective pressure is an estimate of the pressure which would be necessary to extend the vessel to the measured internal circumference.
  • The module settings dialog box allows for the selection of:
    • Microscope eyepiece calibration o Target pressure (effective pressure)
    • IC1/IC100 ratio
    • Online averaging time
    • Force reading delay when automated feature is used
    • Sound playing option is available when delay time expires
  • Automatic calculation of:
    • Tissue length (from calibrated eyepiece and microscope)
    • Wall tension (from measured force divided by wall length from which effective pressure is calculated).
    • IC100 (Point on curve corresponding to 100 mmHg using Laplace’s equation)
    • IC1 (From IC100 value and user defined IC1/1C100 ratio)
    • Vessel internal circumference
    • Final micrometer reading for standardizing each piece of tissue
  • The Force/Tension button allows users to record new experiment data using force (mN) or tension (mN/mm) units.
  • Generation of a printable report containing contents of the Normalization Window, the final micrometer reading for standardizing each piece of tissue, at which the normalized internal circumference value is attained and the settings used to achieve the readings.


As of July 14 2017, ADInstruments no longer sells or supports any DMT products (unless previously purchased under tender contract). Instead please contact DMT direct.




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DMT Normalization
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