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Students can record and analyze
physiological signals in Lt using PowerLab. Reinforce theory through experimentation.


Inspire your students and deepen their understanding through scientific discovery, with multi-purpose teaching kits.

Lt in lab

Labs run smoother using Lt and PowerLab

Edit and update Lt in real time from anywhere, for hassle-free labs that you can troubleshoot with ease.

In the lab, Lt seamlessly combines with PowerLab hardware to form a highly reliable, user friendly system – so your students can focus on learning science, not on learning to use their equipment.

Lt discovery

Learning through scientific discovery

Lt’s simple, interactive interface guides students through their lessons and lab preparation so they can fully engage in practical experiments when they get to the lab environment.

Author and customize labs to focus on your specific learning objectives and witness the “AHA!” moment as students gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts during class.

Lt - collaboration

High-performance data acquisition

Using PowerLab hardware, students can quickly and easily record their own biological signals during labs.

Trusted for over 25 years in research and education, PowerLab is engineered for precise, consistent, reliable data acquisition that simply works every time.

Over 340 pre-built lessons

Have students experimenting sooner in the lab with pre-built lessons that guide them through step by step.

Online pre-lab prep

Students can complete online lessons before coming to the lab so time in the lab is spent on experimentation.

Update content in real-time

Updating lessons is quick and easy. Quick fixes can be done in real-time and shared with students in the lab immediately.

No need for lab manuals

Lt provides an interactive alternative to lab manuals, helping to reduce costs and keep your content up to date.

Lt Services & Training

We can convert your lessons to Lt or create a custom course for you, saving you time. We can also come to you for on-site training. Learn more

A global community

The Lt Brain Trust connects you with other like-minded educators to share ideas on getting the most out of Lt. Learn more

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    How the University of the West of Scotland uses Lt to prepare nursing students for working in the healthcare sector.

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    Transforming the teaching of medical science

    How Lt has helped the University of Sydney Medical Sciences team increase student engagement, future-proof its teaching approach, and improve team collaboration.

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    Revolutionizing healthcare education

    How the Otago Polytechnic School of Nursing uses Lt to increase student engagement and improve pass rates.

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“I have 500 students each semester, but my labs run smoother with Lt”

- Aura Grandidge, Manager Biology Labs, Anatomy and Physiology, University of Rhode Island

“I have hundreds of students occupying labs every day, so any little hiccup causes a big problem. Being able to go into Lt in real time and quickly fix a mistake and share that change immediately with my students is invaluable.”

- Dr Marvin O’Neal, Undergraduate Biology Professor, Director of Introductory Laboratories, Stony Brook University