Can I provide Students with a List of Answers for a Lesson in Lt?

Whilst it isn't possible to have a list of answers shown directly within an Lt Lesson, it is relatively straightforward to generate a downloadable 'answer sheet' that can then be embedded within Lt:
1. Set the Grading Mode in Lt to PDF Grading (Course Settings | Grading Workflow).

2. Open the Lesson as an Author (Lessons | Lesson of Interest | Open). Check that all the Questions appear on the Completion Page.

3. Generate a full Student Account for yourself (Student Accounts | Gear Menu | Invite).

4. Complete the Lesson as a Student, answering questions correctly 

5. On the Report Page, download the PDF of your Completion Page


6. Open the Lesson as an Author, and drag and drop the PDF into a Page within Lt (it may also be worth placing a Checkpoint before the page hosting the Answer Sheet, so Students cannot skip ahead to the Answers before answering the questions themselves).

7. Update the Lesson (Student Work | Lesson of Interest | Update to Latest):