Does LabChart work without internet connection?

Chart and LabChart will work without an internet connection. There are a couple of reasons LabChart would use an internet connection:
  • LabChart can connect to the ADInstruments Server to check for Software updates on a regular basis. If your computer is not connected to the internet you can disable this scheduled check to avoid the error message:
  • In LabChart 7 and higher navigate to Help > Feature Manager and click on Schedule. Uncheck the 'Check for Updates' box. In LabChart 6 and earlier navigate to Edit > Preferences > Software Update. Uncheck the 'Check for Updates' box.
  • LabChart 7 and higher the Welcome Center contains different links to our website (forum, support, event). Also. as of LabChart 8 Help > Hardware Manuals are now linked to our website.
  • To activate your LabChart 8 license you need to have the PowerLab attached to your PC or you need an internet connection for activation.