How can I Autosave my data without creating block separators at the point of the save?

If you are using the scheduler extension for LabChart 8 for Windows or earlier versions of LabChart, you might notice that when the data saves, a block seperator is inserted into the data where the few seconds of data is lost.
With LabChart 8 (Mac & Win), you can click on the save function at any time while sampling, without losing any of the data recorded during the save and without stopping and restarting. Hence there will be no block separator (the Chart View may pause briefly, but then catches up and shows the data recorded during the save).
You can therefore record the save function into a Macro with a suitable wait period between saves and your data will be free of the block separatorss. For more assistance on writing a Macro - please contact your nearest ADInstruments Distributor
NB Block separators are of course inserted when you stop and start sampling, or after the maximum block size of justover 2 billion samples is reached.