How do Access Codes work in Lt?

When your students log in to Lt for the first time, they will be asked to enter an access code. If they have not yet acquired an access code, they will be provided with a 21 day unlicensed access period to do so. During this unlicensed access period, they will have full access to Lt.


When the student first logs in, they will see this screen:

Here, they can either enter a code, or select the “Enter Code Later” button to begin their unlicenced access period.


During the unlicensed access period, students will be shown a banner indicating how many days they have left to enter a code. At any time, the student may select the  “Enter Access Code Now” button to return to the above screen.

If the unlicensed access period expires without the student having entered an access code, the student will be required to enter a code the next time that they log in.
Students logging in as a group will see the status of their individual accounts, and will only be able to continue as a group if all students are licensed or still within their unlicensed access period.