How do I calibrate my skin temperature probe?

The Skin Temperature Probe contains a small biomedical chip thermistor in a metal case with strain relief between the cable and thermistor. The thermistor is designed to operate from 0 °C to 50 °C and is suitable for connection to the ML309 Thermistor Pod (audio connector) or any ADInstruments Bridge Amplifier (DIN connector).  If using the Thermistor pod, the unit will automatically display the correct units in LabChart when the pod is connected to a channel.
If using a Bridge Amp, it will be necessary to perform a units conversion. As the sensor is non-linear, the Multipoint Calibration extension for LabChart is recommended using multiple values for the upmost accuracy in the range of interest. (This is free to access via the Feature Manager in the LabChart help menu). To perform the calibration, place the temperature probe in solutions of different known temperatures and record the voltage values in LabChart. You can then highlight the recorded data and choose the multipoint calibration option from the channel drop down menu.

For each of the data steps, highlight a selection of the plateau, click on the arrow on the left side of the dialog (this should enter the voltage value into the first box)  then apply the relevant temperature in the right hand box on the same line.  When you have done this for each temperature, select the unit of choice (eg °C), select a suitable line fit and then click 'apply'.  Recordings made with your temperature probe will now read out the correct temperature.