How do I measure the coronary artery flow within a working heart preparation?

There are two options available for determining coronary flow in a Working Heart preparation.

Please note:  aortic flow + coronary flow = total flow


  • Atrial flow is already known because the user must set the flow-rate of the perfusate using the peristaltic pump.
  • Aortic flow can then be determined by a Transonic Inline Flowprobe (placed after the heart).
    • The suitable model of the Flowprobe depends on whether you are studying mice (1.2 mm Flowprobe) or rats (2.4 mm Flowprobe).
  • The Coronary Flow is then  derived from the above equation: i.e. [atrial flow -  aortic flow] = coronary flow.


If the perfusate is NON-RECIRCULATING, the coronary flow can be determined as:

  • The Atrial Flow is already known by setting the peristaltic pump (see above).
  • The Aortic Flow is collected for a precise time period (as the perfusate exits system via waste line) and the volume is carefully measured.
  • Likewise, the perfusate that drips from the heart is supplied by the coronary arteries.
    • This volume can be collected over a precise time period and the volume carefully determined.
    • This will provide a measure of Coronary Flow.