How do Lessons marked as 'Group' Lessons in Lt function compared to a non-Group Lesson?

A Lesson is marked as a Group Lesson by going to Lessons | Select the Lesson of interest | Edit lesson details | Check the 'Group Lesson' checkbox

The main differences between Group and non-Group Lessons are outlined below.
Non-Group Lesson
- Designed for use with the Lt Single Login
- Not accessible by Groups (Lessons not marked as Group Lessons will be greyed out if you log in as a Group)
Group Lessons
- Designed for use with the Lt Group Login
- Can be accessed and worked through using the Single Login - but you'll be notified the Lesson is meant to be worked on as a Group before you Start it
- Group Lessons started as a Group may be continued via Single Login if desired
It you are unsure as to whether a lesson will be meant for a Group or an Individual, set it up as a Group Lesson, as a Group lesson can be started by both Individuals and Groups.