How many installations do I have per LabChart Pro software license, and does my LabChart Pro license expire?

Each LabChart Pro software license allows for up to three installations at a given time. Of those three installations, only one of them may be used for collecting data from a PowerLab or another approved data acquisition device, the other two installations are for data analysis purposes only.

Installation of LabChart Pro will include both a basic license code, as well as a Pro license code - the Pro license code allows access to all analysis modules. LabChart Pro also includes 5 years of free upgrades from the date of purchase. Upon release, the latest version of LabChart can be found HERE, and will be activated using both the basic and Pro codes from your original LabChart and LabChart Pro installation discs. 
Upon uninstalling LabChart Pro from one computer, that installation limit will refresh automatically (still allowing three total software installs). Additional software install "seats" can be purchased from ADInstruments. To learn more about purchasing additional software seats please contact your local ADInstruments sales office.


LabChart Pro uses a lifetime licensing model, so the license purchased with the software will not expire. However, the viability of your software license will be dependent on version it was purchased with and your computer's operating system. Please click HERE to learn what computer operating systems your software version is compatible with.