Is there a fast forward video playback in LabChart's Video Capture?

The Video Capture Module for LabChart allows you to record video and audio that is synchronised with dat recorded simultaneously in LabChart. The movie can be played back so you can see what was happening in the movie for any point in the data and vice versa.

However, there is no built-in functionality for a fast forward/backward (x2, x4) to "scan" especially long movies for certain events. A way to achieve this is to use LabChart's Event Scripts to skip through the file and video in larger time intervals. Event Scripts are executed when certain events happen, e.g. when a key on the keyboard is pressed. The example uses the keys 'f' (forward) and 'b' (backward) to move the selection point forward/backward by 200 ms. You can download the example here.

Open the LabChart file and start the Macro EventScript. Then click into one of the channels. The macro is now waiting for you to hit either the key 'f' or 'b'. As long as you hold down the 'f' key the "selection" moves forward (and so does the video). When you release it it will stop after a short delay. Analogous behaviour is elicit when pressing the 'b' key. When you are done you need to stop the macro manually.

To change the skipping time open the macro in the macro editor: Macro > Manage... and double click on the macro name. Find the line that says
skipTime = 0.2
and change the value to your needs.

For further questions please contact your ADInstruments support team.