What is Premium Content?

If you're subscribed to a Content+ or Premium content plan you have access to premium content lessons and labs to use in your courses.

If you have not purchased a Content+ pack, you can still evaluate lessons by uploading them to your instance, as shown below.


Premium Lessons are annotated with a red mark on your Lesson list and have a banner marking them as premium on the Lesson card. You can view these lessons but cannot edit or publish them.

If you are interested in using a lesson you don’t currently have access to, please contact your ADInstruments Representative.

Please Note: If the lesson is copied, the origin and identity of the lesson as Premium Content will be tracked. If you attempt to share that lesson, or any derivative of that lesson, with another customer who has not paid for the content, that customer will not be able to use it. They will still be able to view the lesson.