Why aren't my analysis and plotting features showing in the PV Loop Module drop down menu?

You may notice that your PV-Loop Module dropdown menu is missing some key analysis options.  As shown below, the dropdown menu may look like the menu on the left, when you are used to seeing the menu on the right. 

This is expected behavior when using the Workflow Mode of the PV-Loop Module.  The analysis plotting features in the PV Loop Module will only be available in the Analyze stage of the PV-Loop Workflow. 

If you do not wish to use the PV-Loop Workflow feature, you can turn the Workflow Mode off.  Under the PV-Loop dropdown, select "Workflow Mode..." 
In the dialogue box, uncheck the box that says Enable Workflow Mode and click OK.
Analysis plotting features will now be shown at all times under the PV-Loop dropdown menu.