Why do I not get sensible HRV variables in the data pad when using Multiple add to datapad?

Depending on the version of LabChart and the HRV module that you use for your analysis, you may notice some different behaviour when trying to add data to datapad in small time blocks. There are a couple of solutions to ensure that you get the desired values. In either case you should set up the required parameters in the Data Pad first.
In older versions of LabChart, the HRV Data Pad calculations always refer to the entire analysis, not just the region selected in the Chart View. This is similar to the HRV Report view, which
always reports values for the entire analysis.
For example, to analyse in 30s intervals one must:
1. Select 30s of data in the Chart View
2. Analyse the selection using HRV
3. Add the results to Data Pad
4. Repeat
This sort of repetitive task can be accomplished using a LabChart macro.
With the latest version of LabChart 8 and HRV v2.0.3, one can analyse the entire channel by choosing the 'whole channel 'option in the HRV settings. You can then use the multiple add to datapad option to add data every 30secs. This will then split up the analysis into the 30sec bins when applying the results to the datapad. If you have selection checked in the settings, you should follow the steps for the repetative task above.