Why does the Play Sound option not work in the Event manager extension?

The Event Manager extension in LabChart is a free add-on that can be used to monitor changes in incoming data and to carry out a single or combination of actions to alert the user to these changes, including adding a comment, playing a Macro or playing a sound.

Once the event manager is set-up and you find that the play sound option is not working, there are a few things to investigate:

1. Is the event actually occurring in the recording? -  Check that the settings are correct for your event.

2. Are you using a master alarm setting where not all components of the alarm are met? - Check the Event Manager set-up.

3. Are the speakers on the computer muted? - Check the sound icon in the tool bar on your computer.

4. Is the Volume mixer muted for the LabChart Application? -  Right click on the sound icon in the tool bar and choose 'Volume mixer'. Check that the volume for the LabChart application has not been muted or significantly reduced.