Why is my Macro menu missing?

If one of your LabChart Menus does not appear, the first place to check is the Menu Manager.  To access this, click on the Edit Menu, then Preferences, then Menus......  You should see all of the menus listed, including the Macro Menu and it should have a tick beside it:
If there is a cross beside it, the menu will not appear and you will need to click on it to reactivate (change the cross back to a tick).
In some cases, specific antivirus programs have prevented the Scripting Extension in LabChart from loading and this can also make the Macro menu disappear. It is worth checking your antivirus program to see if this has removed the scripting extension and advise the software that this is safe to install.  Alternatively, contact your local support representative who can send you the extension and instructions to install manually.