Adapting to Changing Teaching Demands - Dr Aavo Lang

Dr Aavo Lang is an Associate Professor of Human Physiology at the University of Tartu, with 30+ years of teaching experience.

Aavo explains how Lt has been helping him meet the changing teaching demands throughout the pandemic.

Intuitive Introduction

“Lt was successfully introduced during the first lockdown. The practical experiments of electromyography for 190 medical students were replaced by the lessons in Lt.

The implementation process was fast, as the structure of Lt experiments is very similar to the general protocols we have been using for several decades.  After one introductory webinar on Lt for the students, all were able to complete their lesson without any technical problems.

For us, the whole process was a great success!”

Our online learning platform Lt has a range of different panel types and questions

Blended Labs

“Most of the students did their work in the classroom, but some had to stay at home in quarantine. Lt was blended with MS Teams. The students at home logged in into the group’s practical work in Lt that was performed in the classroom. The students at home received the data curve to their personal computers as real-time recording. The analysis and conclusions were made together with other group members.

"I cannot imagine this effectiveness of “practical experiments” without Lt. Showing all the steps of the experiments in videos, plus analysis of real pre-recorded data enabled us to meet the objectives of each lab.”

Happy Students

“The student feedback about Lt has been overwhelmingly positive and their consistent progress could be easily monitored.  We liked that all students could present a well-structured report of the lesson for reviewing. This pdf report with the personal notes could be stored by the students.

We have not used all capabilities of the study analytics in the first year as we have been too busy to build up new lessons. Nevertheless, we see a big potential in this.”

Easy Authoring

“The authoring module is intuitive and relatively easy to use. We have transferred our earlier protocols to the Lt environment with additional interactive questions. Overall, the outcome is very professional looking.”

Dr Aavo Lang
Associate Professor in Human Physiology at the University of Tartu.

Aavo currently teaches Human Physiology for medical and dentistry students. His main area of teaching is cardiovascular and kidney physiology.

Aavo has worked at the University of Helsinki in the past and has previously been a guest researcher at Nottingham University. 

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