Amy Cheah: Research Sales Manager

Meet Amy Cheah!

Amy is the ANZ Research Sales Manager here at ADInstruments. 


“I come from a science background, so I do enjoy the sciency bits of talking to people. But now I'm basically on the other side… helping to provide scientists with equipment so that they can actually continue with their work.”

After completing her PhD in Oncology and Cancer Biology, Amy was a grant-funded researcher at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital South Australia. In total, Amy had over 10 years of research and teaching experience before moving out of academia.

As the ANZ Research Sales Manager, Amy and her small, specialized team handle all research sales inquiries for Australia and New Zealand.

Amy facilitates a supportive environment for customers. For her and the rest of the ADInstruments sales team, the conversation doesn’t stop once the bill is paid. It’s an ongoing, collaborative relationship, ensuring that not only is everyone getting the equipment they need but also the advice, support, and training to go alongside it.

That attitude spills over into the office, with the team working together flexibly to make sure everyone can balance their work with their outside lives, and being supported when they need it.

“One thing I really love and enjoy in this office. Everyone is just happy to help… if there's something that they can do, they're always happy to help. You just need to ask.”