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Lt is our online learning platform complete with all of LabTutor’s lessons, plus a whole lot more!

Time to say goodbye....

If you haven't already heard - our old friend LabTutor is retiring at the end of 2019! So while LabTutor is working at the moment, as Windows updates and security patches are added, the time will come when it won't....

But don’t panic! The great news is, our online learning platform Lt is the perfect solution for replacing LabTutor. Lt comes complete with all of LabTutor's content ... plus a whole lot more! This means you don't have to say goodbye to your favorite LabTutor lesson, as it's already in Lt - with a refreshed and modernized look.

Lt has high quality, ready-to-use content for your course

Each of our old LabTutor lessons have been converted into Lt and updated with new images, questions, and layouts that align with current pedagogical practices, ensuring that your course is relevant and up-to-date. Plus, we have added a bunch of additional lessons to our existing collections - as well as some brand new Content Collections exclusive to Lt!

Lt vs LabTutor content comparison chart

Lt's Life Science Collections

Whether you are physiology, pharmacology of neuroscience educator, Lt has you covered. Each of our Life Science Collections include a combination of Tutorials, Pre-Labs, Labs, and Evaluations to give you a complete set of resources for your particular area of teaching. Furthermore - Lt’s improved lesson structure and interactive layout allow you to actively monitor student progress and understanding of key concepts with the addition of formative assessment and question grading.

Below is our content comparison chart highlighting our new updated Lt lessons with its corresponding LabTutor lesson (in some cases the lesson name may have changed slightly!). You will also notice that most of our content collections include additional new lessons, to give you a complete set of resources that are closely aligned for your particular area of teaching. See all 10 Lt Collections.

Click on the image below to view our lesson comparison chart between LabTutor and Lt's Life Science Collections.

Life Science Content Comparison

Lt's Nursing and Medical Collections

Developed alongside medical and nursing educators, Lt’s clinical collections include over 30+ real patient case studies and medical staff interviews designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and provide clinically relevant learning experiences for nursing, medical, and pre-med students. 

Lt’s specialized Nursing Collections (exclusive to Lt) include clinical skills, real patient case studies and immersive nursing modules that have been specifically designed to help prepare students for the healthcare environment. 

Click on the image below to compare LabTutor's old Nursing and Clinical lessons with Lt's new Medical and Clinical Collections. See all 10 Lt collections

Clinical Content Comparison

Access our new content collections with Lt 

Not only does Lt include all of LabTutor's content, but you also have access to our brand new content collections, exclusive to Lt - including our brand new Anatomy Collection

Created in partnership with ToLTech, world leaders in anatomical imagery, the Lt Anatomy Collection explores the human anatomy with practical, hands-on labs and lessons featuring cadaveric dissection images, animal organ dissection videos and images, stylized images, and exploration of anatomical models. Combine with Lt's Physiology Collection, and you have a complete solution for teaching Anatomy and Physiology on a single delivery platform. 

Lt lets you customize our lessons to suit your teaching needs

Lt's lessons are fully customizable, so you can easily add or remove content to suit your teaching needs. Whether that be through the integration of videos and photos or the addition of a hands-on learning component using our teaching hardware kits - the options are endless!

Find out more - Hear from current Lt users about their experience authoring in Lt!

Transitioning to Lt is easy 

Moving from LabTutor to Lt doesn't have to be a painful experience. In fact,  we have a team of dedicated Customer Success Managers (CSMs) who are here to help you every step of the way. 

We also offer professional services including online and onsite training, webinars, and courses to show you how to author in Lt. See here for more information about the Lt onboarding process.

What if I have created my own customized content in LabTutor?

Converting your own content over to Lt is easy! The intuitive drag in drop nature of Lt makes it easy to copy text, images, and videos so you can rapidly author your own content. We also have a step by step guide with one of our instructional designers to help you get started. How to convert a LabTutor lesson into Lt like a pro: a step by step guide and video.

Choose your teaching area to learn more about Lt - our online learning platform with ready-to-use content for teaching life sciences, nursing, and medicine.

Lt Collections for teaching life science, medicine, nursing - online learning platform for interactive teaching and engaging students

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8 Oct 2019

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