Lt Sensors for Human Physiology are here! A powerful and flexible solution for recording biosignals into Lt

Lt Sensors for Human Physiology have landed!

We are extremely excited to announce the release of Lt Sensors - our new, cost-effective, and versatile solution for recording biosignals directly into our online learning platform Lt!

Created with ease-of-use, flexibility, and student engagement in mind - Lt Sensors provide an authentic lab experience where students can record and analyze their own biological signals in real-time.

This active engagement helps students to quickly grasp and understand core physiological concepts and connect the theory learned in lectures to real-life experiences. 

Lt Sensors for Human Physiology

More about Lt Sensors:


Affordable and Easy to Use

Lt Sensors are an affordable, easy to use data acquisition solution for undergraduate physiology laboratories. Students can simply plug the sensors into a laptop or desktop computer via a USB connection, and begin recording their own biological signals directly into Lt. No more complicated laboratory set-ups or multiple pieces of equipment to navigate!

Mike Gill | Professional Practice Fellow, Physiology, University of Otago

“Easy to use - no-nonsense. Lt Sensors allow students to focus on learning, rather than hardware set-up.”

- Dr Mike Gill, Professional Practice Fellow, Physiology, University of Otago

There are eight sensors in total, the majority of which can record multiple signals from the one sensor. For example, the Biosignal Sensor can record ECG/EKG, EMG, EOG, and EEG signals from the single USB sensor, saving you money and time on equipment set-up.

Lt Sensor


BiopotentialECG/EKG, EMG, EOG, EEG
Finger PulsePulse, HR
Tendon HammerReflex measurements
Grip ForceGrip strength, muscle fatigue
Respiratory BeltRespiratory rate
Skin TemperatureSkin surface temperature
Cardio MicrophoneKorotkoff sounds, heart sounds
Blood PressureSystolic, diastolic, MABP, pulse, Korotkoff sounds


An Integrated Lab Solution

Lt Sensors in combination with our online learning platform Lt, provide an integrated lab solution with all the content, hardware, and software you need to run your physiology course.  

The sensors are designed to be used with our Lt Sensor Human Physiology Collection, which contains 25 modules with a combination of tutorial(s), pre-lab prep, and a lab, plus 4 standalone mini labs.

The Lt Sensor Human Physiology Collection covers introductory and advanced concepts in cardiovascular, respiratory, muscle, and kidney physiology. Each lesson has been expertly created by our team of instructional designers and can be used out of the box, or customized to suit your own curriculum and teaching preferences.

Lt + Lt Sensors - and integrated lab solution

As they work through the lessons, students are prompted to record their own biological signals directly into Lt using the Lt Sensors, making scientific theory engaging, relevant, and real. Each media-rich lesson is designed to maximize engagement and suit diverse learning styles, with a strong focus on student outcomes.  

See inside the Human Physiology Collection »

Portable and Flexible

Having the ability to rapidly adapt your course from face-to-face to remote learning, and back again, has never been more important. 

Lt in combination with Lt Sensors ensures you can continue to provide an authentic lab experience while maintaining the flexibility to move between in-person and distance learning, with no additional costs. 

Lt Sensors give you the flexibility to teach face-to-face and remotely

The small and portable nature of Lt Sensors means you can easily meet social distancing requirements within your labs as you're no longer restricted by bulky, fixed positioned hardware that's often required in a traditional lab setup. What's more, Lt sensors can even be adapted to a distance learning environment by allowing students to take sensors home and record their own biological signals via their laptop.

Enhances Student Engagement

Lt Sensors create an engaging, active learning experience where students record and analyze their own signals in real-time,  allowing them to connect the theory they have learned in lectures to real-life situations.

Each lesson comes with built-in formative assessment and automatic grading, so students can learn as they go.

Louis Nel | First Year Physiology Student, University of Otago

"Lt Sensors allowed me to record and visualize my own recordings with ease.”

- Louis Nel, First Year Physiology Student, University of Otago

Everything you need in one easy package

For a complete physiology teaching solution including content, hardware, and software - all you need is:


Our online, active learning software Lt

Lt Sensors | Creating a custom system is easy

Our Lt Sensors Kits

Lt Sensors can be purchased individually or in our Beginner and Intermediate Human Physiology Lt Sensor Kits. Each kit contains a different number of Lt Sensors which interface with a variety of labs from the Lt Sensor Human Physiology Collection. 

Beginner Human Physiology Sensor Kit

Lt Sensors Beginner Kit

The human physiology experiment equipment provided in this kit is suitable for entry-level data acquisition. It contains all the equipment needed for data acquisition in some of our human physiology labs.

Find out more »

Intermediate Human Physiology Sensor Kit

Lt Sensors Intermediate Kit

The human physiology experiment equipment provided in this kit is suitable for investigating and recording a wide range of biological signals. It contains eight sensors, as well as accessories and consumables needed for data acquisition across many subject areas in our human physiology labs.

Find out more »

Together with our online learning platform Lt, these sensors provide an affordable, easy-to-use data acquisition solution that gives students an authentic lab experience, while allowing flexibility between face-to-face and remote learning.

To find out more about Lt Sensors or to request a quote, please visit our Lt Sensor webpage or get in contact with your nearest Support  Representative.


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