Lt: Time saving features for educators!

26 Feb 2018

Lt is our cloud-based learning platform that bridges the gap between theory and practice, designed specifically for life-science educators and students.

Our latest Lt update includes a big time-saver for educators and a greater focus on scientific analysis for your students.

Now you can copy an entire course! With just a couple of clicks, duplicate your course, along with all the lessons - and even the staff. We hope this will make the busy semester rollover super efficient. 

The improved Scope Panel makes it much simpler for students to view and analyze their traces. They can now hide overlaid traces, choose to view one record on its own, delete the traces they don’t want (and restore them if they change their minds). It’ll make those trickier labs easier to use, so students can focus on the science, and not be distracted by their tools. Check it out:



As always, we’ve also made several other little improvements and adjustments. So check out the full list here, or contact us for a quick demo.

If you are new to Lt, why not try our free demo below to experience some of the innovative features and engaging content that Lt has to offer.

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