• Transforming the Teaching of Medical Science

    How Lt has helped the University of Sydney Medical Sciences team increase student engagement, future-proof its teaching approach, and improve team collaboration.

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What is Lt?

Lt is the latest step in our evolution, combining our experience with LabTutor, our love of amazing technology and the latest pedagogical research on engagement and retention. Lt brings multimedia life science content and real time data recording and analysis together, combining them on a specialized cloud-based platform that is designed to be beautiful, effortlessly capable and adaptable to how you want to teach.

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Educational Content


Instructional design at its best

Our instructional designers create lessons designed for active learning to get students thinking and working. They’re natural science communicators with a passion for staying on the cutting edge of education research.

Active learning with live data sampling

Lt is fully compatible with our PowerLab DAQ equipment and Windows so students can record their own life science signals directly into Lt in the lab. Plus once they’re finished, Lt will remember all the data for when they log in and finish their lesson at home.

Real people, real stories, real data

We don’t use actors in our case studies, we have real interviews with patients and healthcare professionals, real lab results, and real footage of procedures to give students the benefit of seeing reality in action.

Fully customizable content

Every page and panel within our lessons is editable by you, so you can chop and change what you want to suit your curriculum. Plus with our professional services options, we can help customize our own, or give your lessons a refresh to help you get the most out of Lt’s great features.

Courses and Content

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Choose what you want to teach and we’ll recommend specialist course content and equipment.

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Lt is revolutionizing healthcare education

The Otago Polytechnic School of Nursing uses Lt to increase student engagement and improve pass rates.

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Lt is transforming the teaching of medical science

The University of Sydney Medical Sciences team increased student engagement, future-proofed its teaching approach, and improved team collaboration.

See the case study

Lt Services

Take your Lt experience to the next level, get your lessons up and running cleaner and faster, or have us create a custom course for you. Ask us about the Lt Services that can help you get even more out of Lt.

Lt comes as standard with; the platform, the ADInstruments content collection or collections you choose, and of course our well known ADInstruments support services including help getting started thanks to your Customer Success Manager. Our platform also has training and support online that is packed full of tips, how-tos and video walkthroughs.

Onsite training is a valuable and popular extra addition to our basic package, and it is possible to customize training length and goals to suit your needs. We regularly send members of our Instructional design team onsite with customers to assist them in their course setup and lesson creation.

Lt Services packages

Onsite Training

One day workshops with
ADInstruments staff

This training is tailored to your needs and can include:

Equipment setup

Administration training

Authoring lessons

Lab demonstrator (TA) training


Group work

LabChart settings for Lt

Best practices

Onsite IT training

Onsite technical setup

Custom Creative Package

A custom package, perfect for
Lab Manual conversion

Starting with a consultation and content plan development, we can create a package designed for you that can include options such as:

Content or lesson conversion
and learning design



LMS Integration


Lt currently integrates with Blackboard Learn and Moodle, so you can synchronize students from your LMS courses to Lt, and easily send Lt grades directly back to your LMS.

If you would like to enable LMS integration for your Lt course, please contact your ADInstruments representative.


In future Lt will integrate with a range of LMS platforms, so please feel free to talk to us about your LMS when you enquire about Lt.


Which versions of Blackboard Learn are supported?


Blackboard Learn version 9.1 Q2 2016 (3000.1.0-rel.52+991d) or higher.

Which versions of Moodle are supported?


Moodle 3.1, Moodle 3.2, Moodle 3.3

What can LMS integration do?


The Lt/kuraCloud Plugin adds the following functionality to your Lt and your LMS environment:

Synchronization of students from LMS courses to Lt courses.

Easily setup your courses at the start of every semester including breaking up sections or streams of students.

Synchronization of student Lt grades to your LMS.

With one click you can send grades directly to your LMS from Lt.

How can I enable LMS integration?


Contact your ADInstruments representative and our technical support team will work with you and your Blackboard or Moodle administrator to guide you through the simple process.

Does Lt run inside my LMS instance for my students?


No, it just enables you to easily sync student lists and grades between the two systems. Students will still need to log into Lt to access courses either via http://loginto.lt or from a link you post when you communicate in your LMS.

eLearning Platform


Easy Setup

There is no need to rely on IT support. Lt doesn’t need a server to be installed for it to run. Lt updates automatically so that you are always running the latest version.

Teach Anywhere

Because Lt is cloud based you don’t have to be at work to get work done. Login, author or learn from anywhere in the World, conserving your physical teaching resources.

Easy Lesson Authoring

Lt lets you jump in and start creating lessons with ease. With our intuitive drag ‘n’ drop lesson builder, you can create everything from multimedia content to quizzes.


Lt allows more than one person to work on a lesson with all revisions recorded, tracked, and saved so educators can easily goback to a previous version. Group logins also allow students to work on labs together.

All The Tools You Need

Go beyond multiple choice, include a range of exercises to test your students, provide instant feeback and get them learning in a fun and interactive way.

Intelligent Insights

Lt has a rich analytics engine that lets you predict a student’s final outcome and jump in early to assist with any areas of concern.

Secure, Private and Reliable

Lt is secure, private and reliable. All lesson data is backed up and stored on secure, Amazon Web Services that scale quickly and have a 99% uptime guarantee.

Any Device, Anywhere

Lt is mobile browser compatible. With Lt students can access lessons wherever you can access the internet. Students can learn at home, the library or even on the bus.

Record, view and analyze real data

Lt is fully compatible with our PowerLab DAQ equipment and Windows so students can record and analyze their own life science signals directly into Lt in the lab. Plus once they’re finished, Lt will remember all the data for when they log in and finish their lesson at home.

Real people, real stories, real data

We don’t use actors in our case studies, we have real interviews with patients and healthcare professionals, real lab results, and real footage of procedures to give students the benefit of seeing reality in action.

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In a world with distracting new technologies and information overload, we're working hard to keep your Nursing students focused on what's important: people.

Lt for Nursing is an immersive learning platform which aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Ideal for nursing and healthcare courses, Lt brings patient stories to your students along with engaging exercises, movies, audio bites, animations, images and other interactive content. Lt provides a perfect complement to simulation. In addition, Lt software, combined with PowerLab hardware, becomes a powerful physiology tool that provides a way for students to record and understand real physiological data.


Animal Physiology

Using Lt, zoology and physiology students can investigate basic and applied concepts in neuro and muscle physiology. Courses are designed with common undergraduate insect, annelid, amphibian and mammalian preparations.


Exercise Physiology

Use Lt to present introductory through to advanced concepts for undergraduate exercise and sports physiology students. Topics include metabolism, cardio-respiratory effects of exercise and energy expenditure during exercise.



Using Lt, students can explore methods in psychophysiology and experimental psychology. They can analyze methods such as biofeedback, classical conditioning, electrodermal response, perception, reaction time, and psychological bias.


Human Physiology

Lt guides physiology students though courses designed to reinforce introductory and advanced concepts in cardiovascular physiology, respiratory physiology, neurophysiology, muscle physiology, digestion, and kidney and water balance.



The Pre-Clinical Medical Collection in Lt uses real patient cases to provide students with a medically relevant learning experience, both in and out of the laboratory. Students are engaged through active learning and self-evaluation as they progress through a structured series of tutorials, pre-lab quizzes, laboratories, case studies and evaluations.


Biochemistry / General Biology

This collection introduces a variety of concepts fundamental for biology and biochemistry, including acid-base titrations, spectrophotometry, and measuring pH.



This collection includes both advanced and introductory experiments to teach students about various neurological concepts, including central and peripheral nerve function, brain activity using non-invasive approaches, and intracellular and extracellular action potentials.



This collection explores pharmacological phenomena such as agonists, antagonists, and dose-response relationships using a variety of different tissue preparations.

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