Lt Tips - Managing and Grading Sections & more

We've added Sectioning, improved Grading and more to Lt...

Thank you for your feedback! We've been working hard and have recently updated Lt with the student sorting, sectioning and group grading features you've been asking for!

Now you can:

  • Import and export student lists with Student ID numbers and Sections in the usual .csv file to make sorting easier (see the video links below).
  • Sort students into sections (or streams) then view the performance of that Section as a whole in the grading matrix.
  • In newly created courses you can grade the shared answers from a student group all at once to save time!

What else have we been working on?

We have made some simple troubleshooting workflows and messages for students and teaching assistants when issues with PowerLab arise. Plus, if you lose your internet connection Lt will also let you know!

Watch the update videos to learn more about our latest updates...

Student Grade Sections & Automatic Group Grading


Importing CSV Files


Exporting CSV Files


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