Lt wins at the 2022 EdTech Awards!

We're excited to share that Lt is an award-winning edtech platform!

What has Lt won?

In the 2022 EdTech Awards, Lt won the Content Provider Solution Category, and was a finalist in the Authoring Tools Solution and Science Solution Categories.

Why are you excited?

The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest are the largest awards program for education technology in the world! Each year, the awards recognize people and products that are making outstanding contributions to education via technology. We are happy to see that ADI's mission - to make science easier in both research and education - has been recognized by this significant awards program.

A 2022 EdTech Awards Cool Tool Winner badge.

"As events unfold on the world stage that seem to inch ever closer to a precipice unknown, we are reminded that the leaders and innovators of education technology have always worked on the edge," said Victor Rivero, who as Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest oversees the program. 

"The future-focused work they do is inspired by the infinite potential of all people to learn and thrive. It's pushed forward by the human spirit. It's the light that even through the darkest times always shines through," Rivero said.

Last year, Lt was a finalist in three categories - Authoring Tools; Science; and E-learning, Blended, or Flipped Solution. With our win this year, we feel confident that our emphasis on continual iteration and improvement is building an excellent solution for teachers and students.

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Why is your content so good?

The content collections in Lt address a wide range of topics across the life sciences, chemistry, nursing, and medicine. These fully-editable and media-rich labs have been developed by an in-house team of instructional designers with postgraduate degrees in science. The team's real-world teaching experience and conscious pursuit of excellent pedagogical design means that Lt labs are rigorous, clear, and engaging.

Screencaptures showing different aspects of the Lt Anatomy and Physiology Collections.

Examples of varied content in the Lt Anatomy and Physiology Collections, and the Patient Case Library. 

Not only that, but certain collections, like the Anatomy, Biology, and Chemistry Collections, have been developed in partnership with respective industry leaders, like Toltech (Lt Anatomy Collection) and Vernier Software & Technology (Lt Biology and Chemistry Collections).

Combine these expansive and informative content collections with Lt's software features:

  • Intuitive authoring
  • In-built analytics
  • Range of question types (MCQ, Short Answer, Annotation, Categories, Drag n' Drop...)
  • Automatic grading
  • LMS integration (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, and D2L Brightspace)
  • Authentic data sampling via PowerLab, Lt Sensors, and Vernier Go Direct Sensors
  • + more

...and you have a winner!

Save time, streamline your curriculum, and engage students in active learning. You can preview Lt immediately via the Preview button below, or sign up for a free trial. Come and explore our award-winning content!

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