Each working heart system includes easy to assemble Radnoti glassware that can be easily adapted for a range of studies. 

  • Modular design allows for extreme flexibility and system reconfigurations
  • Complete water-jacketed glassware and tubing for superb temperature control
  • Powerful Thermal Bath/Circulator provides start-up to 37°C in 15 minutes with excellent accuracy
  • Hi-tech heart chamber with threaded cap and access ports for easy insertion of cannulae and probes
  • Quick and easy disassembly with quick-disconnect tubing
  • Independently adjustable preload and afterload pressure
  • Single pass perfusion or recirculation modes for experiment flexibility
  • Fully autoclavable crystal clear borosilicate glassware

Radnoti Glassware is also provided in all Radnoti Langendorff Systems - (Contact Pressure or Flow)