EB 2021


Virtual Event - April 27 - 30, 2021

The annual Experimental Biology meeting brings together scientists and educators from all fields of life science and biomedical research to exchange ideas and insights and to showcase the absolute best in research and education. EB is a conference we love to attend. This year things are going to be a bit different with the conference going virtual, but one thing that hasn't changed is the gathering of so many passionate scientists in one place to discuss the latest advances in fields we support.

This multidisciplinary, scientific meeting will feature:

  • Plenary lectures
  • Workshops
  • Symposia
  • Career services
  • Over 7,000 scientific poster presentations
  • And of course a virtual exhibit hall spotlighting products and services integral for the scientific community!

We’re proud to support researchers, scientists and educators with user-friendly software, specialized training and solution-focused systems. We are looking forward to seeing you at out virtual booth for EB 2021!

'What's New at ADInstruments' - An EB Talks Session

As part of the 2021 virtual conference program, we will be hosting a 30 minute video demonstration with Q&A session covering some our our latest developments for the research and education community. DETAILS COMING SOON

Other ADInstruments Activities at EB: Sponsorships, Awards and Workshops

ADInstruments and the American Physiological Society


Strategic partners supporting innovation in life sciences

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At ADInstruments we are passionate about supporting physiological researchers and educators so that they may continue to make great strides in innovation and discovery. Inspiring and rewarding the physiological community is part of this goal - from students through to new career and established researchers and educators. As part of our strategic partnership with the APS, we are proud to sponsor the following awards and events at EB 2021.

ADInstruments Macknight Early Career Innovative Educator Award

Established in 2011, this award is given annually to an APS member who demonstrates the greatest potential for incorporating innovative teaching techniques and effectively utilizing technology resources in engaging undergraduate students in physiology education. Find out more.

Claude Bernard Distinguished Lectureship Award

This prestigious award is presented to an established investigator with a history of excellence in education and has made outstanding contributions to teaching and learning. Learn more.

APS Complimentary Sessions

Methods to Assess Blood Pressure Regulation in Humans and in Animal Models
Sponsored by ADInstruments, this workshop will address the gold standard and innovative methods used in the measurement and analysis of blood pressure regulation in physiological research. The program will showcase a group of leading experts in this important and foundational aspect of human research. Also expect to see exciting new data from these scientists as they describe their innovative methods in detail. Dr. Phillip Griffiths from ADInstruments will also be presenting on Kaha Sciences Technology: Benefits fo the Solid State Sensors for Data Quality.

This workshop will be held Wednesday April 21 11am-1pm EDT outside the EB 2021 Virtual Meeting platform and will be FREE for all. Registration required - Find Out More

Medical Physiology Research Course: Sleep Physiology and Sleep Disorders
Sponsored by ADInstruments, the purpose of this refresher course is to provide content on sleep physiology and sleep disorders. Lectures will provide a brief review of genetics, genomics, metabolism, the autonomic nervous system, and the respiratory system. Lectures will focus on how disruption of sleep and circadian rhythms can alter health from the chemical through organismal levels. Experts will also cover therapeutic strategies for sleep disruption and sleep disorders.

The course will be held Friday April 23 11am-3pm EDT outside the EB 2021 Virtual Meeting platform and will be FREE for all. Registration required - Find Out More

Cardiovascular Section - New Investigator Award

We are proud to be the sponsor of The Cardiovascular Section New Investigator Award, founded by the APS in 2002. This award recognizes outstanding investigators in the early stages of their career who have made meritorious contributions to the scientific areas represented by the Cardiovascular Section of the APS. Find out more.

Neural Control and Autonomic Regulation Section - New Investigator Award

The NCAR New Investigator award recognizes an outstanding investigator in the early stage of their independent career and have made meritorious contributions to the area represented with the NCAR Section. Find out more

Respiration Section - New Investigator Award

We are proud to be the sponsor of Respiration Section New Investigator Award. The Respiration Section New Investigator Award ($1,000 plus reimbursement of the advance registration fee) recognizes an outstanding investigator in the early stages of his/her career who have made meritorious contributions to the area represented by the Respiration Section. Find out more

Physiological -Omics Group - New Investigator Award

This award recognizes an outstanding early career investigator who have authored publications in Physiological Genomics in the the previous year. Find out more