Guide to selecting the right research catheter

Choosing the right catheter size, shape, and function for your research requires careful consideration. To help simplify your decision making process, download our research catheter selection guide.

Make the best selection for your research

When planning your research, selecting the best catheter for your model and application is important. Save time with our guide to selecting the right catheter for your research, so you can make measurements with unprecedented accuracy and confidence.

We are proud to exclusively offer a wide range of Millar gold standard solid-state pressure and pressure-volume research catheters for various animal models. With over 50 years of manufacturing and research expertise, Millar catheters are the world’s most accurate physiological pressure catheters, providing superior measurement sensitivity.

This helpful guide to catheter selection breaks down each aspect of our Millar pressure and pressure-volume catheter range to help you plan your next experiment.

Topics include:

  • Pressure or Pressure-Volume?
  • What is a solid-state catheter?
  • Catheter tip size and shape
  • Catheter length, number of sensors, material and electrode spacing (PV only)
  • Experimental design, including recording duration and other considerations

Need more information?

We’re experts in helping you find the right tools for your research. Have any questions about which catheter is the best for your application? Contact us to discuss your research and workflow.