Clamp-on Flowsensors (3-32mm outer diameter)

Product Code
PXL Series

PXL Series sensors “clamp-on” to most flexible laboratory and extracorporeal tubing. They provide total physical and electrical isolation is maintained between the sensor and the liquid, and thus ideal for quick, repeatable process testing that is applied to multiple circuits without flow interruption. Applications include artificial heart and VAD performance, medical device and pump engineering, manufacturing and compliance flow testing. Different options are available for tubing outer diameter measured in inches and mm. Each flowsensor is supplied standard with 2 m cable and a CC16 16-pin metal connector.


ME25PXN Inline Flowsensor (25mm inside diameter)

Product Code

The ME25PXN Precision Inline Flowsensor mates easily with flexible laboratory tubing for volume flow measurement and can be calibrated for up to four fluid, temperature, and flow rate combinations. The flowsensor is supplied with a 1.85 m cable, and a CC16 or CP16 16-pin metal connector. 

Transonic ME25PXN Inline Flowsensor