AC/DC Differential Amplifier

Product Code AM3000H

Suitable for EEG, ECG and extracellular recordings, it is ideal for teaching and is included in the Neuroscience Kit.

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Used as a single-ended amplifier. It is designed for low-noise recording from excitable tissue and is suitable for EEG, ECG and extracellular recordings. It is ideal for teaching and is included in the Neuroscience Kit.

Included with the amplifier:

  • A headstage for use with high impedance electrodes. The headstage supports record, stimulate and impedance modes.

Note: The AC/DC Differential Amplifier (AM3000H) with a headstage designed for use with glass pipette microelectrodes is also available. You will need to purchase Glass Microelectrode Holders separately.


Key Features

  • The input can be amplified from 50 to 10,000 times in both DC and AC modes.
  • A high resolution DC Offset adjustment is available up to ±250 mV, using Fine and Coarse adjustment controls.
  • High Pass, Low Pass, and Notch Filters offer wide frequency selectivity.


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Details and Tech Specs


Parameter Value
Gain 50 - 10,000x (factory customizable upon request)
Noise 1.8µV, p-p (10 Hz - 10 kHz); 0.1fA/Hz at 1 kHz 
Input impedance 1015 Ohms || 1 pF 
Initial bias current ±1.0 fA, typical 
Maximum differential signal 200 mV with ±250 mV offset
Capacity compensation  -4 - 50 pF


Product Code

AC/DC Differential Amplifier
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