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Blood FlowMeter Device Enabler

Product Code BLOODFLOW
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The Blood FlowMeter Device Enabler allows the Blood FlowMeter (INL191) to stream data directly into LabChart.


Research Applications

Laser Doppler Flowmetry
Human Tissue and Circulation
Tissue Perfusion
Animal Tissue and Circulation

Key Features

When using the Blood FlowMeter Device Enabler:

  • LabChart will automatically identify the specific Blood FlowMeter
  • The units and recording settings (i.e. range, sampling rate) are set automatically


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Details and Tech Specs



The Blood FlowMeter Device Enabler is only compatible with the latest generation of Blood FlowMeters shipped from December 17 2015 - product code INL191. If you have any questions regarding compatibility please contact your local support agent.

LabChart v8.0.9 for Windows


LabChart v8.1 for Mac


Product Code

Blood FlowMeter Device Enabler
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