Intracellular Amplifier

Product Code AM3100

A simple to use, low cost intracellular amplifier that is ideal for the classroom.

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A simple to use, low cost intracellular amplifier and comes with a small, light weight headstage (1.1 cm in diameter x 5.6 cm long), weighing only 10 grams. The small size of the amplifier and its remote power supply offers the advantage of placing the amplifier near to the experimental setup, within a Faraday cage. The unit allows for extremely precise adjustments to suppress transients during membrane recordings. The DC balance control eliminates the need for an external bridge and provides a DC offset control of up to ±1 V. An internal square-wave generator supplies a 100 Hz current pulse to determine electrode resistance. The amplifier has an advanced capacitance "Ringer" control for clearing electrode tips and enhancing the membrane penetration of neurons.

Can be purchased as part of the Neuroscience Kit.


Key Features

  • Includes small and lightweight headstage 
  • Low Noise 
  • High Input Impedance 
  • Bias current adjustable to zero 
  • DC balance with transient suppression circuitry 
  • Low-pass and line frequency Notch Filters 
  • Ringer with adjustable amplitude and frequency



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Details and Tech Specs


  • Noise (10 Hz - 50 kHz): 18 µV, rms shorted; < 350 µV, 20 MΩ source 
  • Input impedance: 1013 Ω; capacitance adjustable to zero 
  • Bias current: Adjustable to zero 
  • Voltage gain: x1 and x10 
  • Capacity Compensation: -4 pF - 35 pF 
  • DC Offset: ±1 V 
  • Max internal current: 1 µA 
  • External current: 100 nA/V; 10 V maximum 
  • Electrode test: 100 Hz, 10 nA; (i.e. 10 mV/MΩ electrode resistance) 
  • Ringer: 0 - 10 V biphasic, 2 - 8 kHz 
  • External power supply for low noise 
  • Custom settings available


Product Code

Intracellular Amplifier
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