LabChart Reader

View your data files anywhere

LabChart Reader is a free application that allows you, your colleagues and students to share, view and conduct limited analyses of LabChart data.

Have you ever wanted to show LabChart data to a colleague interstate or overseas? Do you have a website where you'd like to showcase your findings? LabChart Reader is a free, reduced-functionality version of LabChart software that lets you share real data, not just static images.

Download Free!

LabChart Reader is available for Windows and Mac.


Display and Analyze

  • LabChart calculations
  • Cyclic measurement functions
  • Scope View (shown above)
  • XY Plot (Windows only)
  • Spectrum
  • Spirometry extension (Windows only)
  • Cardiac Axis extension (Windows only)

High-Speed Data Pad

Use LabChart Reader's Data Pad rapid, high-capacity data extraction and analysis to:

  • Extract data to any number of rows
  • Add multiple data sheets
  • Apply formulae and calculations

View Multiple Formats

  • Open and view multiple LabChart data /files
  • Open other file formats (WAV, EDF and many more)
  • Share your data with colleagues 
  • Demonstrate real data in presentations
  • Show research data during class demonstrations

Compare editions

Main Features LabChart Pro LabChart LabChart Pro Student License LabChart Reader (Free!)
Analyze checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Display checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Record data checkmark checkmark - -
Full suite of Modules checkmark - checkmark -
Extensions checkmark checkmark checkmark -
5 years of updates and upgrades to all LabChart software checkmark - - -