LabChart Lightning Integration

LabChart Lightning 3rd Party Device Integration

You can now create direct digital communication between your device and LabChart Lightning, our premium data acquisition and analysis software platform.

Benefits for your customers

  • Seamless experience using your device with world class sampling and analysis software
  • Next generation analytical capabilities to extract maximum value from data
  • Flexibility that provides an avenue for limitless combinations of data, signals and results
  • Easy to use with simple to grasp interface
  • Sample from an unlimited number of channels
  • Sample data streams from a wide variety of devices in the same recording
  • Provide your customers with the ability to integrate your equipment alongside their other devices
  • Access to powerful and time saving analytics tools supporting road to publication
  • More LabChart Lightning features

Benefits for you

  • Ready-made flexible data acquisition and analysis software paired with your device
  • Utilize our Software Development Kit (SDK) for a streamlined development process
  • No need to worry about maintaining software, we will keep LabChart Lightning running smoothly
  • Customize your own scripts and commands specific for your device
  • Access to a large global network of research scientists and institutions who currently use our products
  • Leverage off the established trust and success of ADInstruments and the LabChart brand
  • Ability to have a working plugin within 1 month to support your global product launch
  • Become a LabChart Lightning Connections Partner for enhanced promotion and sales growth opportunities
  • Sebastian Herberger

    "By working with ADInstruments we’re ready for a product launch that we would otherwise not have been able to do at the same scale and it would not have been as easy"

    Dr. Sebastian Herberger, Founder + CEO, Mentalab

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  • LabChart Lightning Connections Parter

    How connecting Mentalab’s Explore device with LabChart Lightning increases their global reach and market presence. See partner story


Established in 1986, our mission at ADInstruments is to make science easier. To do this we create powerful, flexible, and simple software tools - including LabChart Lightning - that help research scientists record and analyze data accurately and efficiently.



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How does this work?

Use our SDK on GitHub to create your own TypeScript plugin.

Once you’ve created your plugin, scientists will be able to sample data from your device directly into LabChart Lightning.

Connection overview:

  • Directly stream data from a range of connection types including serial, USB and Bluetooth. The Lightning Device SDK currently only supports serial devices, but if you are interested in connecting another device class now, please get in touch
  • Customize scripts and commands to connect to and interact with your device
  • Automatic device recognition when connected
  • Create a custom user interface for device configuration and control
  • Ability to customize calculations within the software specific to your device applications
  • Integrate device data with other data streams for enhanced customer appeal

Example system diagram

TypeScript vs JavaScript?

TypeScript is a superset of Javascript that adds static type definitions. This provides better documentation and makes life easier, and the process quicker, by validating that your code is working correctly as you go.

View Lightning Device SDK

Device Integration
Device Integration

What is the process?

Do It Yourself

Regardless of whether you already have a commercially available device or are still in go-to-market planning, anyone can use our SDK.

Set yourself up with a LabChart Lightning license

Want to test the waters first? You can start the process by taking advantage of our free 30 day trial while you are in the setup phase.

Trial LabChart Lightning

Follow instructions for our Lightning SDK on GitHub

Our SDK walks you through the process on how to integrate third-party serial devices and create your own plugins. A high level of technical understanding is not a requirement.

We’re constantly improving our SDK to make it even easier to use and we welcome feedback.

Lightning SDK

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If you are unsure how to get started, or need support anytime during the process, we are here to help.  
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Become a LabChart Lightning Connections Partner

"Collaborating with ADInstruments makes us visible on a global scale. They provide us with the global reach and market presence which we wouldn’t have otherwise."

Eduard Deneke, Head of Marketing, Mentalab

See partner story

Do you feel there may be a great match between our offerings? Talk to us about becoming a LabChart Lightning Connections Partner and let us play matchmaker between you and our global network of research scientists. As a partner you will get:

  • Options for enhanced connections support
  • Global promotion of your device via our well established marketing resources with tracked KPIs
  • Unique partnership logo to identify yourself as a LabChart Lightning Connections Partner
  • Options for future relationship growth to leverage off ADInstruments global sales and distribution network

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