MagStim Interface Cable (1.5 m)

Product Code MLAC60

The MagStim Interface Cable is used for connecting the Isolated Interface of a MagStim 2002 stimulator to any PowerLab with a Trigger input option.


The Magstim 2002 ​by Magstim (not sold by ADInstruments) is a single pulse, monophasic stimulator used for cortical and peripheral stimulation. It is widely used in neurology departments across the world to evoke motor responses from patients undergoing a clinical neurological examination. The MagStim Interface Cable is used for connecting the Isolated Interface of a MagStim 2002 stimulator to any PowerLab with a Trigger input option. This cable is 1.5 meters long and terminates in a high density D-type 26 Male connector at one end and two BNC connectors at the other end. This allows triggering from PowerLab to the MagStim or from the MagStim to the PowerLab.

Please note that the Yellow BNC (TRIGGER IN) connects to Analog output and Red BNC (TRIGGER OUT) connects to Trigger input of PowerLab.


Research Applications

Human Neuro


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Product Code

MagStim Interface Cable (1.5 m)
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