ADInstruments offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for visual stimulus presentation and evoked response studies to study behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, and decision-making. With the combination of SuperLab and StimTracker from Cedrus with PowerLab and LabChart, you can create an integrated system with simple media management, tracking and complete control of your research data.

Our human approved stimulus isolators also allow for studies requiring electrical stimulation of nerves. PowerLab can also interface with other types of stimulators, such as TMS machines for non-invasive brain stimulation.

Products and Solutions

Supports a wide<br />
range of<br />
stimulus inputs

Supports a wide
range of
stimulus inputs

Record multiple<br />
signals at once

Record multiple
signals at once

Complete<br />
System available

System available

Mix & match<br />
products for a<br />
custom solution

Mix & match
products for a
custom solution

Integrate with<br />
other physiological<br />
recording options

Integrate with
other physiological
recording options

In conjunction with our solutions shown below, any device with an analog output (+/- 10V) can be connected to a PowerLab data acquisition system for synchronization of the event in LabChart, giving you more flexibility and the ability to integrate your data streams in one place.

All our hardware recommended for human use is backed by the appropriate safety certification standards. More information on safety standards.

Typical Stimulation Studies:

Response or reaction times (RT) and duration

Conscious response types (positive or negative)

Evoked responses (biopotentials, EOG, EEG, EMG)

Subconscious responses (heart rate, breathing rate)


Stress Response

Reaction times

Sensory perceptions & Illusions

Classic conditioning

Operant conditioning

TMS Studies

Signals Supported


Record the electrical activity of the brain that occurs between pairs of electrodes in contact with the scalp and represents the sum of a large amount of underlying neural activity.

Electrical Stimulation

Measure electrical stimulation and pacing in human subjects.


Electromyography (EMG) is the study of muscle electrical activity. Useful in recording reflexes and reaction times through to fine facial movements in response to stimuli.


Eye movements can be recorded using electrodes placed in the skin near the eyes. This includes such as tracking moving objects, fixating on stationary objects while the head moves, or measuring the direction and size of eye movements.

Extracellular Recordings

Sample single or multi-unit spikes. Sort and analyze these signals with LabChart’s Spike Histogram Module. Your LFP and Evoked potentials can be analyzed using Peak Analysis.

Heart Rate

Options for both wireless and wired recording of heart rate as a reference to changes in cognitive and emotional states.


Trigger sounds played to participants during the experiment and record responses.


Temperature is a useful tool in determining many factors such as subject health or the stability of an experimental preparation. It is also usefulas a calculation factor for comparing measurements taken in different states.


Simultaneously record and synchronize video to observe video and physiological data together.

Flexible Data Acquisition

ADInstruments systems provide an integrated solution to advance life science research. With the combination of LabChart analysis software and a PowerLab data acquisition unit you have the flexibility to collect and synchronize a wide range of signals for analysis. We also offer a range of LabChart compatible solutions able to stream directly in LabChart.



Enabling Discovery

LabChart data analysis software creates a platform for all of your recording devices to work together, allowing you to acquire biological signals from multiple sources simultaneously and apply advanced calculations and plots as your experiment unfolds.

LabChart and Stimulation



Data with Integrity

High-performance data acquisition hardware designed for life science research. PowerLab is engineered for precise, consistent, reliable data acquisition, giving you the reproducible data you need while meeting the strictest international safety standards.

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All your Stimulation analysis in one place

LabChart software is designed specifically for life science data and provides up to 32 channels for data display and analysis options that are powerful and easy to use. With auto-recognition of ADI and LabChart Compatible hardware, multi-window views, one touch recording, simultaneous recording from multiple devices, specialized preconfigured settings, easy sharing options and an interface that can be customized to show only the features you want to use.

Features and Add-Ons

Additional acquisition and analysis features and add-ons to support your Stimulation studies:

Reaction Times

The average human reaction time is about 150 ms to touch, 170ms for auditory stimulus and about 250ms for visual stimuli. However, many factors can affect an individual reaction time to stimulus. Examples that are often tested as variables in psychophysiology experiments include:

  • age
  • arousal
  • distraction 
  • gender
  • practice 
  • errors 
  • fatigue
  • punishment 
  • drugs
  • warnings 

Explore Stimulation Data in LabChart Reader

LabChart Reader is a free application for conducting limited analyses of LabChart data. Download a trial package with example data below.

Platform Required

Thanks! Your trial package is now downloading.

Once downloaded, please unzip the folder and install the LabChart Reader application.

Open the "LabChart Data Files" folder to find data files (".adicht"). Data files can be opened in LabChart Reader by double clicking on the file name.

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Thank you for your interest in Stimulation. Please complete and submit the form below and an ADInstruments representative will aim to get in touch within one working day. If you’d like to speak to someone immediately, office contact information is available from the contact page.

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